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- Enlisting in the Army -

So, my young sir, you are thinking about taking the King's shilling and serving the Crown in North America? Let me guess what brought you here ... You want to fight for an America united unter the benevolent rule of His Britannic Majesty King George III? An America that's an integral part of the greatest empire the world has ever seen? A country that's marching in step with the advance of progress, civilization, industry, justice, culture, and above all peace? A country where everyone is free to attend to his private pursuits without having to worry about violence, war, unrest? A place to build a home, plant your crops, raise your children?

Or have less noble but nevertheless perfectly acceptable motives led you on your way to the recruiting office? Ah, here we go ... You want to be a part of this splendid, well-organized mighty host, the terror of the traitors, the scourge of Britain's enemies, the British Armies in America? The army that's also, by a trick of fate, the oldest, largest, and most highly decorated national force in this venerable institution, the Colonial Campaigns Club? You want to command in the field this beautiful precision instrument, the Thin Red Line that never falters nor wavers? It is your desire to go toe-to-toe with the rebel rabble, to withstand the onslaught of the mercenaries of the despicable King of France, to hunt down the ravaging savages of the Indian Alliance? You want to experience that terrific moment that's sending a shiver down the spine of every veteran when a British regular company looses its first devastating volley at point-blank range, dropping rebels by the score? You want to be the one who gives the order to fix bayonets and deliver the coup de grace with cold steel? Ah well, my young sir, then you have come to the right place!

Well, it's not a big deal you see, sir. You just read the small print here below ... ok, that's enough, we don't want to be here all night, eh? And now you sign here ... and here, and that's all! Welcome to the British Armies in America, Private!


The small print

Only one club army can be joined. Members enlist with the lowest rank and advance in rank as they accumulate club points through fighting battles or through other contributions to the club, in administrative, command or staff positions. New members can choose to undergo a brief training with a veteran officer as instructor and are, upon completion of training, immediately promoted to corporal. It is highly recommended to do so, as playing these games per e-mail is an experience quite different from playing them against the computer. Training involves playing a short scenario against the instructor and discussing some aspects of gameplay and the club life with him.

Members are assigned to a historical unit each, and independent of their actual rank are supposed to be in command of this unit, for club purposes. It's a little abstraction that adds flavour and atmosphere. The British Armies in America in the Colonial Campaigns Club allow new recruits to choose any unit that actually fought on the British side in either the French and Indian War 1754-1763, the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783, or the so called War of 1812 that actually lasted from 1812 to 1815, provided of course it is not yet taken by another member. Canadians may want to choose a Canadian provincial unit from the War of 1812 and will then be assigned to the Canadian Brigade in the Right Wing. Scottish folks may want to serve in the Highland Brigade of the Right Wing. Americans may want to consider a Loyalist (provincial) outfit from the Revolutionary War. German members have the option of choosing a unit that belonged to those German auxiliary forces in British services that have come to be referred to collectively as the Hessians. Loyalists and Hessians are combined in the Left Wing. Members who want to command a British regular line regiment will be assigned to the either Wing. A prospective member does not have to choose his unit upon enlistment; he will be given the option of indicating his choice before he actually gets assigned.

Battles are fought between two or more members of different club armies. They are registered with the club, once at the start, and once upon completion, and club points are then awarded to the players, depending on the number of turns played and the victory level achieved. Announcements on the club main board are the usual way to find opponents.

More details (even smaller print) are given in the club rules . The Training Centre has useful information on gameplay.