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 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Lt. Gen. Drex Ringbloom Honored with Union Army's OSM

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:39 pm 

Replies: 13
Views: 8613

Gen Ringbloom, Sir,

Congratulations on a well deserved award,

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: GRAND REVIEW FOR GENERAL LAUB

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:19 pm 

Replies: 110
Views: 64552

General Laub, Sir <SALUTE>


Lt. Gen Niall Murphy
4/2/VIII Corps, AoS

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Antietam woes

Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:56 am 

Replies: 115
Views: 53897

I'd like to add my appreciation of what Rich does, especially his responding to comments and questions here. I think the way in which our feedback is taken on board and reflected in relatively speedy updates/improvements is one of the great features of the series, and it seems to me that Rich is pro...

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Campaign ANTIETAM + BULL RUN

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 2:32 am 

Replies: 51
Views: 21391

Anyone else notice that the CD contains a map file called "Campaign Chancellorsville" - looks like a proper Chancellorsville one too. The next in the series?

Lt. Gen Niall Murphy
4/2/VIII Corps, AoS

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Visiting USA - Recommendation - Best ACW site

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:07 pm 

Replies: 14
Views: 6792

A few years ago I spent a few days in the Washington area - I went to Antietam (Greyhound bus to Hagerstown and then taxi to/from the battlefield) - well worth it as the battlefield is well maintained and signed. I also spent a couple of days in Fredericksburg (easy to get commuter train from DC), t...

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: New CSA CoA named!

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:34 pm 

Replies: 23
Views: 9968

Congratulations Nick.[:)]
Must go and warn the rest of the Union Army now, trouble ahead, I reckon [:0]

Lt. Gen Niall Murphy
4/2/VIII Corps, AoS

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Union Army Passing in Review

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 8:27 pm 

Replies: 96
Views: 40761


Lt. General Niall Murphy, 4th Brigade, 2nd "Corcoran's Legion" Division, VIII Corps, Army of the Shenandoah

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Isolation Rules (I'm Livid)

Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2006 8:46 pm 

Replies: 28
Views: 11851

I had a similar problem as the Union at Shiloh when I was defending a shallow perimeter arouns the Pittsburgh Landing. My opponent (Gen Larry Bertolino) sportingly pulled back troops at one side of the perimeter so as not to fully surround me, and thereby removing the isolation Lt. Gen Niall Murphy ...

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Peninsula Trenches

 Post subject: Peninsula Trenches
Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 5:07 am 

Replies: 6
Views: 3370

Can someone tell me what the rules are for entering hexes with trenches, specifically under what conditions will units become disrupted. I can't find the information in any help file and trial and error has left me badly confused [?]

Lt. Gen Niall Murphy
4/2/VIII Corps, AoS

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Strategic Phase Leader Casualty

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 9:48 pm 

Replies: 5
Views: 3150

I'm Gen Bertolino's opponent in this campaign, and had just noticed Col. Anonymous but had assumed Cleburne had been promoted. I can definitely confirm that Cleburne was not a casualty so far (I'm from the same county as him so I always have an extra interest in him!) Also it was I who placed the pr...

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: A toast

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2005 10:11 pm 

Replies: 15
Views: 7022

Congrats to Gen Walter, and good hunting in his "retirement" - the Rebs better watch out now that he'll be in the front lines more [:)]

Congrats to Gen Miller too - it's good to have him back in a command position again!

Lt. Gen Niall Murphy
4/2/VIII Corps, AoS

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Campaign Shiloh

Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2005 8:00 am 

Replies: 59
Views: 29941

I use the Print Screen button (on the keyboard above the Home, End and Delete keys) a lot for taking snapshots of whatever's on the screen (ALT + Print Screen "snaps" just the current window.) This snapshot can then be pasted into another program such as word, paint, paint shop, etc - for word it's ...

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Disk Trouble

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2005 10:47 pm 

Replies: 11
Views: 7744

Dierk, I've been experimenting with an MP3 player - I have one with a 40GB HD, so I can copy all the games on to it (it basically can act as external harddrive), and they seem to play without any problem on any machine (I haven't played enough with it to guarantee that!) I need a USB cable for conne...

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Medal of Honor!!

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2005 8:16 pm 

Replies: 20
Views: 8189

Congratulations to Gen Walter on a well earned award [:)]

Lt. Gen Niall Murphy
4/2/VIII Corps, AoS

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Calvert Line Challenge Update

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 9:34 pm 

Replies: 1
Views: 1675

I'd like to congratulate Gens Wadding and Weir on a brilliant victory - Lee and Jackson could hardly have done better. I'm sure the Gens will understand if we do not wish to reminisce but I will offer many drinks to them in the hope that it will impair them in a rematch [:)] Lt. Gen Niall Murphy 4/2...
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