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HPS Defend the Reich
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Author:  Scott Schlitte [ Tue Mar 13, 2007 10:34 am ]
Post subject:  HPS Defend the Reich

Anyone have this game? It reminds me of Grigsby's old Apple II game of USAAF only this covers the Brit night bombing campaign Aug 43 to May 44 I believe.
Turn based system. Brits add replacements, upgrades, assign units to either rest, train or be used that turn. one turn per week.
Then the Germans do the same. Then the turn is played with only the German having an active hand in assigning units to patrols or intercepts. Aces come and go from losses in combat or crash landings.
Weather, moon light, Churchill's intervention requests, etc play a part.
Use command points to either do research, upgrade to new plane types, move base locations, etc.
Plane types for Brits are various forms of Mosquitos, Lancasters, Halifaxes, Stirlings, and Wellington's.
Germans have various models of Me-110's, Do-217's, Ju-88's and He-219's, along with help from day fighter 109's and 190's.
Easy to play... anyone else have it and/or an interest in some pbem of it?

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