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Gallic Wars: The Tribunii
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Author:  Al Amos [ Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:33 am ]
Post subject:  Gallic Wars: The Tribunii

Gallic Wars: The Tribunii
The Tribuni is a series of scenarios covering fictitious actions of the tribuni attached to legio VII in 58 B.C. Created for HPS’ Gallic Wars PC game these scenarios will cover many hypothetical situations that a tribune may have face in one of Caesar’s legions during his conquest of Gaul.

There are five scenario in this storyline series:


Tribunus L. Varro forages for food. *fictitious* Your camp commander, Tribunus Ap. Nero has ordered you to go to requisition food, and fodder from the nearby village belonging to the Tarbelli tribe. He has assigned you cohors VI with its new recruits to accomplish the task. When you arrived at your destination, the local headsman, Lutarius Marganid told you to take what food and fodder you needed but to leave his village and people alone, then he rode off. "Odd behavior", you thought, but at least there was no sign of danger. As your men entered the village you found it deserted of people, "odd." You would have to send your soldiers and servants into the fields to gather the supplies. This delay was unwelcomed, but still no sign of trouble. After an hour our so, your mounted scouts reported a large band of people coming your way. It must be the villagers. After having a look yourself, you concluded it was the villagers, and they were prepared to fight!


Tribunus Ap. Nero punishes the Tarbelli. *fictitious* Yesterday the Tarbelli sprung a trap on VI cohors led by Tribunus L. Varro, who was sent to requisition food from the village. Today Nero sets out to punish the village, and to reassert the power and prestige of Rome.


Tribunus L. Varro defends the fort. *fictitious* Two hours earlier the detachment leader, Tribunus Ap. Nero, marched out with the fort's three cohors to punish the Tarbelli tribe. You were left with the daily watch and the cohors' artillery to defend the fort. A few minutes ago your sentries reported a Gallic force headed your way.


Tribunus L. Varro escorts prisoners. *fictitious* Nero brought back prisoners from his punitive raid on the Tarbelli. He has tasked you with the mission of moving this bounty to legate Crassus' camp. You have been given cohors VI to fulfill your mission. Enroute, you are ambushed by remnants of the Tarbelli, and their allies bent on rescuing their people.


Tribunus Ap. Nero defends the fort. *fictitious* The past few days has seen tensions heighten as Gallic resistance to Roman occupation. Forwarned by the sympathetic Ausci of an impending attack by several local tribes, Nero draws his battle line. The new recruits hold the forward wall of the camp supported by the cohors many scorpiones. The Ausci forms on the left of the V & VII cohortes, while the stipatores form to the right.

Included in the zip file is a Word doc giving some more details you may want to read, and that you can use to create your own scenarios.

Keep an eye out for my next series "The Legatii" (a full legio stroyline series.)

You can find these scenarii at: ... ?tid=54911

or, at: ... le&id=2157

and, you can find out more about HPS' Gallic Wars at: ... allic.html

Enjoy! :-)

MG Al "Ambushed" Amos, Commanding Officer
1st Div, I Corps, AoP, USA

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