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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 9:35 am 
Here the link to download (with filefront) the beta-version of my add-on covering the battle of the Wilderness (1864) for "Battleground Chickamauga": ... einfo.html

Contact me please if you are interested to test the game in a co-ordinate way.
Feel you free to post here suggestions, comments and report possible errors or bugs. Thanks for the collaboration.
Please note that as a beta version it is still a work in progress.

Lt.Col. Luciano Bassotti
"Lee's Foreign Legion"
II/1/3 - ANV

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 10:49 pm 
***Scenarios Descriptions***

- 01h Wilderness Historical (only PBM - "play by e-mail" - no AI scripts included)
May 5-6, 1864 - 100 Turns [ Historical ]

The Army of the Potomac crossed the Rappahannock on 4 May but was forced to stop in the Wilderness to wait for the supply train to catch up. That afternoon Hancock's II Corps bivouacked at Chancellorsville, Warren's V Corps was at Old Wilderness Tavern, and the cavalry divisions of Gregg and J. H. Wilson were forward at Piney Branch Church and Parker's Store, respectively. The Federals had detected some enemy activity along the road from Orange C.H. Lee, who had anticipated Grant's movement and had resolved to hit the Federals while they were in the difficult Wilderness terrain, had Ewell's corps on the Orange Turnpike, and A. P. Hill (minus R. H. Anderson's division) on the Plank Road. The head of Ewell's column was at Locust Grove, little more than three miles from Warren, while A. P. Hill was but slightly more distant from J. H. Wilson. Yet neither army seemed aware of the other's proximity. Longstreet's corps had been at Mechanicsville, and Stuart's cavalry at Fredericksburg; both were moving in to join the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia. R.H. Anderson's division (A. P. Hill) was near Orange C.H. At 6 P.M. 4 May Grant issued orders to continue the march at 5 o'clock the next morning through the Wilderness to the southeast. Burnside's IX Corps had also been ordered up from its previous mission of guarding the Orange and Alexandria R. R. Sedgwick's VI Corps was just across the Rappahannock. At 7:15 A.M. 5 May Warren reported a considerable enemy force on the turnpike about two miles from Wilderness Tavern. He was ordered to attack what Grant and Meade believed to be no more than a division. Crawford, whose division (3, V) had advanced to the Chewning farm, was ordered to hold his position, but to be prepared to send one brigade to support Warren. About noon Griffin (1, V) was ready to attack and Wright's division (1, VI) had been ordered to move from Spotswood to fall in on Griffin's right for this attack and protect his flank, but had not been able to get up in time. On the other flank Wadsworth's division (4, V) had been ordered to reinforce Griffin's south flank. To the south, along the Plank Road, the 5th N.Y. and 18th Pa. Cav. were left to outpost Parker's Store while Wilson moved with the rest of his division southwest toward Craig's Meeting House, but was repelled by Stuart's cavalry on the Catharpin road. Kirkland's brigade of Heth's division led A. P. Hill's advance along the Plank Road and drove the Federals toward Wilderness Tavern. Getty's division (2, VI), which had been marching southeast through the latter crossroads at 9 A.M., was sent to stop this enemy advance. At the same time Hancock's corps was ordered to halt in the vicinity of Todd's Tavern and countermarch to Brock Crossing. The stage was set.

- 01f Wilderness Balanced (only PBM - "play by e-mail" - no AI scripts included)
May 5-6, 1864 - 100 Turns [Hypothetical]

This fictional scenario is based on the assumption of a general Confederate concentration for the incoming battle. The rebel order of battle includes Breckinridge's command from the Valley, Lewis' brigade and some regiments belonged to Ewell's corps in detached duty in North Carolina, Pikett's division with Read's and Eshleman's artillery battalions belonged to Longstreet's corps detached at Richmond, Beauregard's command which includes the contingents collecting at Richmond for the defense of the capital, Mosby's command operating behind the enemy lines, and some unattached commands like Gary's cavalry brigade and the Maryland Line. Also the time of arrival on the battefield of some units which actually fought in the historical battle had been aniticipated.

Lt.Col. Luciano Bassotti
"Lee's Foreign Legion"
II/1/3 ANV

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 5:17 am 

Joined: Mon Jul 23, 2001 10:43 am
Posts: 159
Location: USA
I have loaded BGC onto my office machine. When I try to open the program (to help with this play test) the computer tells me that Windows NT does not support this program. Can anyone porivde me with the answer of how to run this program on this platform? Thanks.
Jim Gleason LG 4-2-I AoP

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 6:01 am 
In the ACWCO site there's a section where you can find the patches for all BG ACW games.

Here the link:

You have to download the patch named "BG-Chickamauga Windows 2000 & XP Patch".
I hope that in this way you can resolve the problem.

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