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PC related Delays
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Author:  Mark Oakford [ Sun Mar 18, 2007 4:19 pm ]
Post subject:  PC related Delays


My PC decided that I was not an "administrator" yesterday and no amount of cajoling will persuade it otherwise. While that means I cannot load new software, it also means that I cannot load new anti-virus & microsoft updates as well.

The expert has been to visit and considers that a "New Install" will fix the problem (it'll coincidently fix my problem of having too many addressees in my email lists as well).

While I will be reloading my games, etc., after the new install, it will be some nights (because I work days) before I can get my BG and HPS games (and the kids' games, SWMBO's games and the other (non-important) stuff loaded.

I'll readjust this message when all is well again.


MG Mark Oakford

Maj Gen Mark Oakford
Cmdr XVIII Corps
Army of the James

Author:  Mark Oakford [ Mon Mar 19, 2007 3:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks, Larry, but sadly it appears that I still can gain admin access to the system. It's just that it won't process anything of importance, like new windows or anti-virus updates! The b%$$#y thing will still let me change the password.

There is some other activity as well that indicates a possible mother board issue (occasional and random soft booting) that I hope is just a function of an only (slightly) corrupt system.

There is always a possibility of some effects from power surge from recent electrical storms (I don't have surge protection, but I will have it very soon!)



Author:  Mark Oakford [ Tue Mar 20, 2007 3:26 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks, Larry, just a new human type memory will suffice.[:D]

The re-build seems to have worked, but the anti-virus took an age to download its modules (56k modem, remember) then decided it wouldn't activate without scanning the machine... That took all night (what can I say, it was midnight by the time it got to that bit and I needed a break before I broke something). [:I][}:)]

It's been a while since I've done this stuff. Forgot to reload audio drives (dunno where that disc is), my XP SP2 disc doesn't like me any more (too many scratches from frisbee practice last night, probably) and I've forgotten how to set up an Outlook user profile to connect for emails![:I][:I][:(!]

Fortunately, I have some good mates in our "Information Management Branch" just down the corridor at work - the Outlook training session is set for later this afternoon.[:I]

All in all, an educational experience, as they say. I say that I really need to work on my patience (and reduce my temper tantrums)![:D][:p]

Sigh! Oh well I'm out tonight, so back to the drawing board tomorrow night. The kids and SWMBO have been banned for the duration (I'm still not convinced that it wasn't something they did...)[;)]

Thanks for your good thoughts and offer of help, but it looks like I'll be back on deck very soon without too much difficulty.


Maj Gen Mark Oakford
Cmdr XVIII Corps
Army of the James

Author:  Mark Oakford [ Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:14 am ]
Post subject: 

Hah! I spoke too soon. Mutter, mutter, mumble...

Email access is good because I can use webmail (but no email addresses recovered, of course)!

In some ways the "fdisk" action has cleared the decks and made a lot of things easier to do. Unfortunately, it is an interesting experiment reloading a machine with what I thought was all my software, but I now recognise that I had done a lot of updating, changing, adding and deleting over the past couple of years (even though I'm talking about Office 97, SP2, 'n' various things).

It is the little things that actually matter. SWMBO is not impressed because I need SP2 installed for her favourite game, the kids're unhappy because their favourite (and very, very new) game needs something I had added (flash, audio, somethinorother) but is no longer on the (new) system and be stuffed if I can find the disc, download or mental mind reading that installed whatever it is that is needed to run their (did I say it was new and flash?) program.

All that aside, it has worked very, very well, really![:p]

My mad cousin (192 cms, 122 kg to my 178 cms, 98 kg) is also a mad computer nut and has volunteered to help (I'm very nice to him and he likes to be paid with brown bottles - and I get to help him drink them).

While my liver may suffer (maybe marginally more than usual [;)] ) I think that after this weekend, things may be well on the road to recovery.


Maj Gen Mark Oakford
Cmdr XVIII Corps
Army of the James

Author:  boilertech [ Wed Mar 21, 2007 1:47 pm ]
Post subject: 

Good luck in getting your computer fixed, and enjoy the FOSTER'S [:D] and the after effects.[B)]


Brig. Gen. Gery Bastiani
3rd Division, II Corp, Tarheel Division AotM

"If there is a shell or bullet over there destined for us, it will find us" - General James Longstreet

Author:  Mark Oakford [ Thu Mar 22, 2007 3:43 pm ]
Post subject: 

Sniff! Sob! WHAAAAAAAAA! Ouch, that's too loud, it hurts! [xx(]

Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200! Spend it, instead! SP2 doesn't load, still can't get outlook to work properly. [}:)]

It's me, I know, my mad cousin mentioned something about dense ex-front row forwards (that was between drinks from the brown bottles). We ran out of brown bottles while waiting for drive formatting (yes, again! Both disks - all 400 Gig). Fortunately we found some bottles of red wine that seemed in need of life saving. They, sadly, did not survive the ordeal (still formatting the 400 Gig - did I say it was 2 drives?). Discovered a bottle of whisky that had survived since my playing days (15+ years ago). Now loading XP (gawd! it wants to format the disk again!)[:(!]. The whisky tasted as good as it did 15 years ago (even I suspect that my taste buds were shot at this stage anyway).[:I][:o)][:p] Audio drive disc is stuffed - frisbee!!! [:D][:D] SP2 doesn't work after 2 disks and 4 tries. We now think that the DVD drive has died. Actually it's a lingering death, so I must purchase a new one and install it (apparently even I can do that - I have done so before). Give up before we murder the machine! [xx(][|)]

This morning, over the 'phone, my mad cousin reckons that we are now at the stage where even my limited knowledge is sufficient and he's got other things to do anyway (my liver thanks him)[:0]

So my timetable of 21/3 stands, just not sure after which weekend I meant![:0][:D] It is certain it won't be this one![B)][:(!][8][:(]

Maj Gen Mark Oakford
Cmdr XVIII Corps
Army of the James

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