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Demolition of historic Quatre Bras Farmhouse approved
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Author:  sstiles [ Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:09 am ]
Post subject:  Demolition of historic Quatre Bras Farmhouse approved

I know I am raising a subject totally outside the ACW and apologise for this. I just think it is so absolutely crazy and as people with interest in military history I felt that you might wish to see this. Moderator please move if I am out of line or there is better location:

I was shocked to hear about the approval by the Belgian Walloon Government to demolish the historic Quatre Bras Farmhouse. I quote:

1 February 2013

Dear Friends
I have just heard that the government official of the Walloon Region, in charge of this matter, has given his approval for the destruction of the historic Quatre-Bras farm. ... -baisy-thy
This means that this official doesn't care at all about its historic worth !
Even less about the fact that the good is mentioned in the inventory of the "Monumental heritage of Belgium".
He has taken none of our 2008 and 2011 objections into account.
Genappe has introduced an appeal, but this has nothing to do with the historic aspect of the place.
This means that our two victories of 2008 and 2011 will have been in vain.
If a project is rejected, it's enough to reintroduce it until it is accepted ! It's that simple.
Dominique Timmermans

I think this is absolutely crazy and have sent various objections. If you also wish to object here is link info. I have sent website messages as post will be too slow from South Africa. ... ras_EN.htm

the above three contact details worked for me (use Google Chrome or similar to auto translate page if needed).

Lets hope that this unique building, a witness to the battle of Quatre Bras 198 years ago, can be saved.

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