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Possible Supply Solution? - Add to OOB file
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Author:  D. Hampel [ Sun Oct 26, 2014 6:51 am ]
Post subject:  Possible Supply Solution? - Add to OOB file


I've read many post regarding the concerns or frustration relating to the supply topic and have an idea that might be a good solution. How about adding the supply level for each unit to the line of the unit in the OOB file? It's an easy edit/update and would be an easy programing read for a version update.

The idea would be that each unit has a set number of supply level (like 0 - 10 or a more detail value by unit type). Inf., Cav. and Art. could be set to reflect the historical level of ammo for the unit in the scenario design. As a unit continues to fire it would deplete it's ammo (not like the current ratio % of luck). Once a unit depletes the level to a certain percentage it would indicate low ammo (only def. fire) and when it ran out it would show no ammo. The unit would only be able to refill if it were near a supply wagon/caisson or a supply depot. This would ensure that artillery has a supply source to refill their guns and that inf. and cav. are feed supplies from the supply sources as well.

Another advantage would be with the Captured Guns setting that a captured gun could only fire the current ammo of the unit captured. It wouldn't be able to draw from the total artillery ammo like now and would be more realistic to only allow the enemy to take and use those guns with the current ammo level when it had been captured. I ran into this issue where I capture my opposites guns and he was out of ammo and couldn't use them. When I captured them, I had ammo and turned them on him. The interesting thing was my supplies were fare away from these guns (across ridges and woods) and wouldn't be able to supply them. With the current design I immediately resupplied them and fired on the enemy with his unsupplied guns. If the supply level was set by unit, I would not have been able to use them or resupply the right away. I think that would be a better and more realistic solution to the supply issue.

A more detail approach would be that the supply replenishment would be based on the size of the unit. It could fill upto the level of 10 but would withdrawn from the supply source the amount of supply based on the units size (example: 6 guns [@25 men ea. =150 men] x 10 supply would be 1500 ammo reduced from source or 355 men x 10 supply would deplete the supply level by 3550 ammo). This would mean the supply wagon or sources would have to be adjusted to match the details supply levels.

Key here is that units would only resupply if they were in Low Ammo or No Ammo state; like the current design.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the topic.

Lt. Col. Derek Hampel
Fifth Infantry Brigade
Second Div., XV Corps
Army of the Tennessee

Author:  C. Hecht [ Sun Oct 26, 2014 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Possible Supply Solution? - Add to OOB file

As for artillery maybe it would be best to simply add supply wagons for artillery and also to force the ammo features onto artillery, currently you get artillery only out of ammo when you isolate them even when no artillery ammo is left. When it works for them like it works for infantry & cavalry maybe that would solve some problems.
Besides that there could be a random chance that captured artillery is on low or out of ammo as the wagons with the ammunition may have escaped.
And with these artillery supply wagons you could allow the captured unit to be moved coasting x supply to make the captured artillery mobile again, so we would finally be done with the problem of forcing units to stay with captured artillery to get the victory points.

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