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Author:  krmiller [ Sat Feb 21, 2015 3:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Unknown Scenarios


For some time I have been working on an Excel file that will take data from the DoR for an officer's games or Army's Monthly Report and determine what Union Battle Ribbons awards if any should be given for a game. The file works very well but I find there are some scenarios I do not have enough information about to determine what if any awards they might make an officer eligible for. I would appreciate any information I could get on the following scenarios.

TS Antietam-----------51 Land Gra /60
TS Bull Run-----------46 Battle for Bull Run 10-15-500 /148
TS Bull Run-----------44 Bull Run /148
TS Bull Run-----------Clash of the Titans /60
TS Bull Run-----------JSC Jackson's Shenandoah Campaign /71
TS Bull Run-----------L01 July 20, 1862 /88
TS Bull Run-----------L12 Tug of War /43
TS Chickamauga-----L10 Treasure Hunt /61
TS Chickamauga-----L11 Going No Where /56
TS Chickamauga-----L14 Criss Cross /90
TS Gettysburg--------L03 Heavy Weights /90
TS Shiloh---------------18h1 /42
TS Shiloh---------------18h2 /42 42
TS Shiloh---------------20 The Pinch /36
TS Shiloh---------------L02 March 12, 1862 /42
TS Shiloh---------------L09 Face Facts /47
TS Shiloh---------------L13 Rock the Boats /48
TS Shiloh---------------L16 Criss Cross /45

I have been unable to find these scenarios in any of the downloads I have so if anyone has any of these files I would appreciate it if you could forward the scn file to me so I could determine which map it uses and thus which award if any it would be eligible for or possibly if we need to create some new ribbons.

Once these scenarios are in the database I will release the Excel file to all the USA armies and any one else who would be interested in looking at it. You'll find it does a very good job of taking an Army Games Report or an Officer Game Record and producing a list that shows which games are eligible for Battle Ribbons, provided the scenario name is entered in the game report. For those marked campaign it will note that you need to check with the player if it resulted in a Union Major Victory.

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