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Two New Scenarios
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Author:  Robert Frost [ Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Two New Scenarios

Actually these are extensions of existing ones, Gettysburg(007) and Chickamauga(042). Both scenarios have :30 day turns and the duration of each has been extended by one day. Will the South win its independence on July 4th? Will Bragg actually be moved to take Chattanooga? Both scenarios follow the pattern set in the existing ones, but include extra units which were on the battlefield or could have been. Both incorporate Weather.

Aside from being just 2 more scenarios to add to the hundreds of existing, these incorporate a Base 24 -- compared to Base 12 used in the HPS/Tiller system -- which allows more accurate representation of actual movement capability. They also include a John Ferry designed Weapons Effectiveness table encompassing all of the various types represented in the HPS/Tiller games. In addition, although these are :30 scenarios, a text document has been included which contains the movement factors for Base 24 in :20 scenarios. If one prefers :20 scenarios, one could modify any existing to use the Base 24 system.

The package also includes documentation to lay a historical grounding under the PDT values.

All of this can be had for the low, low price of requesting the zip file. Email

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