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CSA Cabinet Secretary Elections
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Author:  Ernie Sands [ Mon Oct 12, 2015 8:18 am ]
Post subject:  CSA Cabinet Secretary Elections

General John Dragan has been an interim CSA Cabinet Secretary and it is now time to elect a permanent CSA Cabinet Secretary.

The dates of the election are as follows:

October 12 - Announce the Upcoming Election
October 12 to October 25- Nomination Period
October 26 to November 8- Campaigning
November 9 to November 15- Voting Period

All active members in good standing holding the rank of Colonel or above are eligible to run for this office. Please address any inquiries concerning this process to the Cabinet. Eligibility Candidates for Cabinet Secretary or Club President must hold the rank of Colonel or above. To be eligible for a CoA position, a member must hold the rank of Lieutenant General or above in their respective Army. Candidates must be nominated by two other members before being placed on the ballot. Other than the President, nominating officers must be from the same military group as the candidate being nominated. Nominations are to be submitted to the entire ELECTION COMMITTEE of the Cabinet. Nominations must include a statement that the member nominated agrees to serve, if elected. Verification of nominations will be by using the email address the nominator uses to submit the nomination. The email address that the nominator uses must be the email address of record in the Department of Records. The Election Committee will attempt to contact, via email, any nominator whose email address is different than the Department of Records in order for that member to have to opportunity to correct the address held in the Department of Records. Any addresses not corrected by the end of the nomination period will not be valid and that nomination will be disregarded. CAMPAIGNING Once the candidates for any election are determined, each shall be simultaneously provided with a campaign post thread in the proper forum. For all elections this shall be done by the current Club President in the Mason Dixon Tavern. Candidates must first then offer a general campaign statement of their own in that thread, identifying themselves and inviting comments and/or questions from any qualified voter, including election opponents. Non-qualified voters, as defined by the rules, are excluded from this process. In the club spirit of behaving like gentlemen, however, negative statements and questions from both questioners and candidates regarding other candidates’ character may be removed, as are statements or questions designed to bait or entrap the respondent. Questions of policy, however, are allowed and open to direct examination. The election committee is charged with the monitoring of the threads; and the committee is empowered to both judge and remove any posts they may find in violation of this rule. The election committee is to be composed of Cabinet members not running for the office involved, preferentially selected from the opposite side in CoA and Cabinet Secretary elections. In the unlikely event that five or more Cabinet members may be running for office in a Presidential election, volunteers can be appointed. Campaigning threads are considered active and open for a two-week period from the date of the thread’s first posting, and shall be closed and locked thereafter.

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