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PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2005 2:35 am 

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By far the best simultanious movement game was the old V for Victory World at War series, a system Ken mentioned below. A system that used a larger scale but could be adapted to ACW Regiment combat.

For those unfamiliar with it it went like this:

-The first player gives orders to move, fire, retreat, change formation, assault, rally, resupply any/all of his units. He does not see his units do any of this stuff (but the orders are displayed on the map by him moving units on the map) nor does he see the results of any of this. He's simply giving orders. He sends the file to player 2.

-Player 2 loads the file in and gives orders to any/all of his units in the same manner as player 1. When he has completed that, player 2 hits the "execute turn" button and sees all the action going on simultaniously. All of his stuff as well as that of his opponents he normally would be able to see. This completes turn 1.

-Player 2 then starts turn 2 by giving orders to all his units just like he did for turn 1 and send the file to Player 1.

-Player 1 loads the file in, sees the replay for turn 1, does all of his orders for turn 2, hits the "execute turn" button and sees the action for turn 2. Plots all his orders for turn 3, sends the file off......etc.

What also was really neat about it is, the order that everything happened was not guaranteed but dependant on many factors like command control, unit fatigue, unit moral, unit losses, unit supply.

For example, a unit ordered to assault an adjacent enemy will do so but if the enemy unit was ordered to retreat, when the assault happens they may not be there if, relative to the assaulting unit, more of the above factors are in their favor. If they are still there but haven't retreated yet, the defenders take more losses then they would have if then if ordered to not retreat but to stand and fire.

One of the best systems around.

Gen. Doug Burke

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