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3 Rebs for HPS Gettysburg 77
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Author:  Joe Mishurda [ Sat May 05, 2007 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  3 Rebs for HPS Gettysburg 77

Gentlemen of the South,

Looking for a group of Brave Rebs Corps or a Division to face the gallent men of the 1st Division, VI Corps, AoS. Ed Black Burn, George Denney and myself.

The Game will be HPS Gettysburg 77 (213 Turns). As for as rule are concerned we will have to play single phase. No isolation rule and No density modifier all else ON except optional tables. Will require embedded melee rule and no night time attacks (stay behind your own lines). <b>NOTE: Command (orders) will be given at the end of the current turn, before the enemy file is recieved to simulate message travel by currier.</b>

The isolation rule only adds a penelty to the isolated unit, so it fights at much reduced strength (1/2 strenght I think). No islation rule means they fight at regular strength, if they loose they are still eliminated as long as they have no hex to retreat into (all six hexes for routed units and three rear hexes and ZOC in the front hexes).

The embedded melee rule is designed to prevent "panzer tactics" melee the front line move through the victory hex and melee the second line (usually artillery). Each player has one point in time where they may conduct all their melees, so move & fire, melee, finish move & fire. This is intended to restore balance to defense.

If you are willing to accept our challenge then post here and email me. We await your currier.

What NO brave men of valor left in the Confederacy?

Lt Gen Joseph C. Mishurda


Lt General Joseph C. Mishurda,
"Killer Angels"
VI Corps, AoS, USA

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