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Skilled Federal Opponent wanted for BGN/BGNNF
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Author:  Goetz [ Thu May 31, 2007 2:37 am ]
Post subject:  Skilled Federal Opponent wanted for BGN/BGNNF

Hi Yanks!

I´m a fresh-backed Confederate Officer searching his first battle.
So let me invite you to a full Sharpsburg Scen.

I suggest the following conditions:

At standart mode the Scen. 26 "The battle of Sharpsburg"
But I would favor the N/F mode with the Scen. 35 "Battle for Antietam Creek" (I´ve never played this mode before but learning very quickly!)

Special Rules should be activated with two exeptions:
Rout Limiting OFF! (That will make it a little unpredictable...)
Automated Defensive Fire OFF!!! (I hate this stupid wasting of ammo!)

Optional: Cavalry must not make breastworks at N/F mode.
I want to play at least 4 turns/week.

Be without fear Yanks, I´ve never seen an elephant...

Fld. Lt. Goetz Hasenmueller 2/3/I,AoA

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