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El Degüello Tournament Registration Opens December
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Author:  prax [ Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:03 am ]
Post subject:  El Degüello Tournament Registration Opens December

Image From: ACWGC El Degüello Tournament H.Q.

To: All ACWGC Officers:

Registration for the El Degüello Tournament will open December 1, 2009. Tournament details are available at:

The El Degüello is a sanctioned ACWGC tournament competiton for officers with access to HPS Antietam. ACWGC Rule 5.3.2 will apply to all mirror matches. Medals will be awarded to the high scoring officers of the two military groups. Particpation ribbons will be awarded to all competing officers and umpires. Registration is limited to the first 8 Officers from each Military Group who post an entry at the Mason Dixon Tavern under the registration topic that will open Dec. 1. All entries must include the Officer’s name and unit designations as they appear in the DoR. There will be a waiting list for replacements.


Tournament H.Q.

Image Image
<font size="4">Colonel J. Ellis
Officer Commanding
The War Horse Division
</font id="size4">

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