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Need a brave Yankee boy!
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Author:  Art Ingram [ Fri Dec 11, 2009 6:32 am ]
Post subject:  Need a brave Yankee boy!

Hello gentlemen. My name Art "Razorback" Ingram, and I am searching for a Yank that would like to test my mettle. I currently hold the Antietam, the Chickamauga, and the Gettysburg HPS titles. I would like to try any of games in a 100 or more turn scenario. If any of you Yanks are interested put in call to my camp, I am currently encamped in Illinois, but have lived the last 28 years in Texas.
So, I have learned to brag bout my accomplishments and cover my mistakes.
Sincerely Razorback Ingram
3 Bgde 3 Div I Corps AotM

Art "Razorback" Ingram
3rd Brig/3rd Div/I Crps

Author:  John Fogarty [ Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:17 pm ]
Post subject: 


Allow me to introduce myself. I currently encamp on Long Island, New York, but I spent 12 years in Chicago. So that makes me a Cubs / Bulls fan - one used to defeat. Hey - any team can have a bad century.

I am happy to take up your challenge. I too have those three games. I would propose we try something from Antietam, as I have not completed a game on that disk. I am very familiar with HPS Gettysburg, and I have some fond memories of chasing Rebs around Emmitsburg, and would be happy to do so again, but I have to warn you I know those maps like the back of my hand. I have played a bit on the Chicamauga disk, but no long scenarios.

I can return 3 to 5 turns a week so a long scenario is fine by me.


MG John Fogarty
2nd Division XX Corps
Army of the Cumberland

Lt. John Fogarty
2nd Brigade "Carlin's Cavaliers"
First Division
XX Corps
Army of the Cumberland

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