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Talonsoft vs. Matrix Battleground in the WIN7+ Environment!
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Author:  Joe Meyer [ Mon Aug 18, 2014 9:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Talonsoft vs. Matrix Battleground in the WIN7+ Environment!

President Weir has asked me to draw up an official club statement surrounding the following issue.

It has come to the attention of the ACWGC Cabinet that there is a definite problem with compatibility between any older, Talonsoft Battleground game, even though it be completely updated, matching up with a newer, Matrix Battleground game, if the Matrix player is using WINDOWS 7 or above. The problem does not exist, if the Matrix player is using XP or VISTA! The Talonsoft versions, no matter the versions employed, cannot be operated in the WINDOWS 7+ environment. Only the Matrix rebundled release will run across all existing operating systems.

Perhaps it has been something of our own inattention that has been at fault in not recognizing this sooner, but as more and more users migrate to WIN 7 and above, they will find out, as I did, that the Talonsoft Battleground game versions will have to be replaced with the Matrix bundle if they wish to maintain total playability with those particular games. It also explains to me why a number of former officers who were both original Talonsoft users and returning Talonsoft users have disappeared out of frustration in meeting players with the newer operating systems and equipped with the Matrix game package.

That does not mean that this issue was not mentioned in the Mason Dixon Forum previously. Most certainly the problem was talked about in the following thread:

But to our knowledge the Club has not stated this particular information in an official sense and moved to universally inform everyone. It does so now. If anyone within the club has meantime found a workaround to this particular battleground incompatibilty, please do not hesitate to post it!

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