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Hancocks Division AoS seeking MPG versus Rebel Team [CLOSED]
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Author:  Olinsky [ Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Hancocks Division AoS seeking MPG versus Rebel Team [CLOSED]

Southern Gentlemen,

Hancocks Division (3rd Division, AoS) is looking to start another MPG (multiplayer game) versus a team of Confederate players.

Our team consists of:

Brig. General Greg Olinsky
Lt Colonel James Foster
Lt General David Groce
Lt Colonel Sean Turner
Lt General Ed Blackburn

I propose a multiplayer contest using the HPS Antietam 063 H_Hagerstown V.3 scenario. (You do not need to have five players on your team... just as many as you want with a minimum of 3.)

I propose the use of the following optional rules:

VP Points for Leader Casualties
Mounted Cavalry Skirmishers
Optional Melee Resolution (Game Cmdr will handle melee's for their team)
Weak Zone of Control
Automated Defensive Fire
Flank Morale Modifier
Full Melee Defensive Fire
Artillery Ammo by Cannon

I propose no other special house rules or communication rules for this particular match.

If that sounds acceptable to you and your team... let me know and we'll get started. If not... let me know what modification your team might desire or feel free to propose a different scenario for another of the HPS games.

Here is a web page that details our current and past MPG battles.

We should be ripe for the picking for the right Confederate team as we have suffered one loss to the Presidential Task Force and are currently taking a bit of a beating in our other ongoing MP game versus the Gator Alley Division of the AotM. :wink:

Feel free to post below or contact me via email:

Talk to you soon! <salute>

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