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The Fewer Men The Greater Share of Honor! Closed
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Author:  Redlegger [ Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:52 pm ]
Post subject:  The Fewer Men The Greater Share of Honor! Closed

Officers of the Union! <salute>

The situation is such.
I am currently in the final stages, (last 10 turns), of a Blake Strickler designed MP vs two formidable foes.

My 1st co-commander was intimidated off the field of battle.
My 2nd co-commander has gone off and joined Gen. Ludd for the summer.

Thus I hope to find a 3rd to help me finish off the battle.

But full disclosure.
They will be taking over a column that is fighting for its survival with aggressive and well led CSA forces from all sides.

Assistance from the co-commander.
Hmmmmm, hard to say but currently none that is known of.

Thus one would be taking over a command in an attempt to prevent its destruction.
Ahhh glory through near-certain annihilation, if that tempts one, (of if one has any questions before volunteering), please dispatch a rider to:


I hope to find a golden locked officer looking to charge into history.


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