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Looking for Reb in Overland Battle
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Author:  Redlegger [ Mon May 26, 2014 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking for Reb in Overland Battle

Good day Officers of the CSA Sirs! <salute>

I have cleared up my dance card somewhat and am looking for a medium to large size Overland battle, (very interested in a back to back "Mirror Match), your choice of battle.

I prefer all options on except manual defensive fire, (but am open to that), and artillery capture.

I prefer "House" Rules of; no infantry in column melee except from a city/town hex, or bridge/river crossing & no nighttime offensive action, (fire/melee).
As far as night movement beyond one's established lines I am open either way.

But I am open to variations of Optional/House rules.

Feel free to send courier to leonkorotkoatgmaildotcom.

Respectfully to you, all that have served our nation, and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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