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Reb for Overland Campaign (CLOSED)
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Author:  nsimms [ Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Reb for Overland Campaign (CLOSED)

Looking for a Reb who wants to engage in Scenario 100 of Overland, the 1390 turn campaign game. However, I want more than that. I want a Reb who doesn’t want to stand and fight but wants to retire to the Richmond defenses and take his chances there. The reason is because I’m gonna try to stop you from getting there (and if I can’t then I’ll fight you there). I’m currently doing the same thing but as the Reb and it has been fun, so I want to try it from the other side. But that isn’t all – all options on except for MDF and Arty Capture, no house rules other than the official ACWGC house rules, Mosby can be used any way and anywhere that you want to use him, our replacements invoked due to 50% strength in a unit or arty replacement can be used any way that we want and that includes the original unit can stay and fight instead of being marched off the board. Of course I would like someone experienced who can play often (4-7 turns per week) and be pretty consistent on a normal basis (long game and real life interferes with all of us from time to time).

A Union guy wanted to do it, which was fine with me so this request has been filled.

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