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CLosed----Seeking fight with some Rebel rabble
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Author:  R. Sickbert [ Fri Oct 04, 2019 10:36 am ]
Post subject:  CLosed----Seeking fight with some Rebel rabble

CLOSED ---- The Rebellion must have petered out :-)

A couple of fine Gentlemen in Blue stepped up however for Jousting purposes.



I have been off of the field for some little while and along the way lost all of the games in a computer failure. I have a new machine and have so far re-installed and updated Campaign Chickamauga, Campaign Petersburg, Campaign Gettysburg and Campaign Ozark and more that I can re-install. I am rusty as all get out and need to sharpen up. Not that I was really all that sharp at my best!

I am looking at a battle of a day or less in length. A meeting engagement rather than a set piece fight. A Corps or a few in size rather that large Armies. As for Rules, I have played having checked all and found that quite acceptable. I have played with unchecking the first three and unchecking Artillery capture and found that quite acceptable as well.

I have come to enjoy "What If" more or less balanced "Meeting Engagements" fought in a mostly historical way. I am not downright opposed to anything though. So if interested in a fight don't hesitate to open a dialogue. I'd rather talk as not.

Feel free to respond here or send a courier to: 10lbparrotATgmailDOTcom

Thank you all,

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