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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:47 am 
This is going to cover my current library and more than just the Civil War.
I will gladly send a review of an individual book or series, but I own each and have read each
and reccommend them all.
[u]The Civil War-[/u]
Lee's Lieutenants-Douglas S. Freeman
Gettyburg-Noah A. Trudeau
Gettysburg-Stephen W Sears
Chancellorsvile-Stephen W Sears
To the Gates of Richmond (Peninsula)-Stephen W Sears
Landscape Turned Red (Antietam)-Stepen W Sears
The American Civil War-John Keegan
The Gettysburg Companion-Mark Adkin
The Civil War-The Smithstonian Institution
The Civil War (1 vol)-Time Books
Atlas of the Civil War-National Geographic
The Civil War 3 volume Narrative-Shelby Foote
Robert E. Lee-Noah Trudeau
Stars in their Courses(Gettysburg)-Shelby Foote
Don Troiani's Civil War
Guns of the Civil War-Dennis Adler
Mort Kuntsler's Civil War Paintings-4 volumes
Reliving the Civil War-Lee Hadden
Arms and Equipment of the Union-Time/Life Books
Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy-Time/Life Books
Eyewitness to the Civil War-National Geographic
The Civil War Reenactor's Encyclopedia-Wm Davis
Don Troiani's Regiments and Uniforms of the Civil War
The Civil War Catalog-Antony Shaw
Military Uniforms of the 19th Century-Lorenz Books
The 28 Volume History of the Civil War-Time/Life books
The West Point Atlas of the Civil War
The Napoleonic Era-
The Campaigns of Napoleon-David Chandler
Anatomy of Glory (Napoleons Guard) Henry Lachouque
Armies of the Napoleonic Wars-Osprey Books
The Battle:Waterloo-Alessandro Barbero
Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars-Lorenz Books
The Napoleonic Wars Experience- Richard Holmes
The Waterloo Companion-Mark Adkins
The West Point Atlas of the Napleonic Wars
War in General-
Great Military Leaders and their Campaigns-Thames Hudson Books
War: From the Bronze Age to the 21st Century DK Books
Warrior-DK Books
Battle-DK Books
Weapon-DK Books
Modern Warfare-
Battle:The Story of the Bulge-John Toland
Cobra II-Invasion of Iraq-Vintage Books
No True Glory, Battle for Fallujah-Bing West
The Wrong War-Afghanistan-Bing West
The Battle for Hue-Keith Wm Nolan
The First World War-John Keegan
The Face of Battle-John Keegan
This Kind of War, Korea-T.R Fehrenbach

This is my current collection, I have traded and sold many dozens more hardcover and paperback military, and general history
books over the years, many I wish I had back, but these are all keepers

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:35 pm 
Sorry Gentlemen,
I enjoy all my books but must narrow it down to some favorites and must haves.
I obviously read Stephen W. Sears, but think "Landscape Turned Red" on Antietam is his classic.
McPhereson's "Battle Cry of Freedom" and Pulitzer Prize winner is obviously a classic.
Shelby Foote's 3 Volume Narrative may carry a bias but I have read all of Bruce Catton's books,
they carry a slight bias for the Union but both are classics.
I always enjoyed Cornelius Ryan's books on WWII along with Stephen Ambrose, not only his books
on WWII, but on Lewis and Clark's expedition, must reads.
Max Hastings, expert on WWII, David Chandler, it cost me almost $100 to repurchase his book on Napoleons
Campaigns, and that was Amazon., and how old is that book?
Great Leaders and their Military Campaigns a newfound great book with lots of illustrations and explanations of forces,
leaders, strategy, tactics, and campaigns.
John Toland, and excellent WWII author. Bing West, I have read Fallujah but sitll in the progess of reading "Wrong War" by Bing West, former marine and author of "The Village" a classic and on the must read list of the Marine Corps on counterinsurgency.
Keith William Nolan has written numerous great books on the Vietnam War, but I think his "Battle of Hue" is his classic.
Phil Caputo's "Rumors of War" and former marine, Sec of the Navy and now senator James Webb's "The Village" is another book
on the must read officer's reading list. And one of the best, on war, the American way of war, and the history of that war is
T.R. Fehrenbach's "This Kind of War" on the Korean War, I doubt there is a senior officer that has not read this book.
I had the Marine Counterinsurgency Handbook, forwarded by Gen Petraeus, I moved, never got too far in the book which I have lost,
so have no opinion.
I hope that narrowed down my massive list of books, but these are the ones I recommend the most.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 1:01 pm 
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Joined: Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:33 pm
Posts: 79
I would add to your list "Confederates In The Attic" by Tony Horowitz...brief abstract in the "Post-Civil War" forum. Very interesting read.

Col. David McWaters
7/2/II Corps
4th Alabama Infantry
"Signa Inferemus - We Shall Drive Forward"

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