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 Post subject: Opponent for altered Twin Battles QB- Ligny- closed
PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:38 am 

Joined: Wed May 30, 2007 1:10 pm
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Location: USA
Bonjour Mes Amis,

I am seeking experienced opponent for altered Twin Battles QB-Ligny. Specifically scn. # 021 QB_ Ligny v.3. The alterations I made are made are to the pdt. file in regards to stacking limits.

I have long felt the stacking limits of the stock game were unrealistically to high. This lead to monolithic 2000 man stacks of infantry and stacks of 1000 cavalry which had the shock power of a panzer battalion. The research of the Realism & Historicity people has shown I believe that stock stacking limits are way to high.

Therefore I have come up with revised stacking limits of 900 infantry and 300 cavalry. The 900 limit on infantry was a compromise between max infantry in line and infantry in column and would cause the least amount of disruption of battalions( almost all battalions are 900 or less in strength).

Secondly, I lowered the extended line values to 500 for 3-rank infantry and 400 for 2-rank infantry. By doing this I added to the stacking flexibility infantry battalions. Example: 3- 500 man battalions could now make 2 stacks of 750 men by having 1 battalion go to extended line thus creating 2- demi- battalions of 250 men. These demi-battalions could then be stacked with the full 500 man battalions to form a stack of 750 men. Thus enabling small battalions to attack large battalions that are closer to the stacking limit.

Next cavalry, I chose 300 as the stacking limit for two reasons. First in accordance to the R&H guys research 300 was the max cavalry that could be controlled in a 100 x 100 meter hex.Second by lowering the stacking limit to 300 cavalry you reduced the relative stacking numbers of infantry to cavalry from 1/2 to 1/3 thus reducing the shock value of cavalry attacks.Also cavalry regiments would have to be broken down to squadrons to meet stacking limits.

Lastly, I lowered the strength value of artillery to 10 men. This was done in order to allow almost any battalion of infantry to stack with an artillery battery. I know this creates a stacking limit of 90 guns but this can be handled by a house rule of only allowing 8 guns to be stacked in any one hex.

Well I hope this has explained my rational behind the changes I made in the pdt. file. I feel the changes will lead to a more realistic and balanced game between offense and defense.

I am flexible on optional rules and would not mind using MDF. also I will play either side. So if anyone is interested please send a courier to my HQ.

Yours respectfully,

P.S. I will supply altered pdt. file and scenario file. T.M.

General de Division Thomas Moore
1ere Brigade - Commandant
Division de Cavalerie
IVeme Corps
La Grande Armee

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