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 Post subject: 1814
PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:17 am 

Joined: Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:58 pm
Posts: 16
Location: Russia, Fili-Davydkovo




The rules are

1. March Order:

a) No unit stacks on the road march, the exception: Art.battery/Train + Inf.Co./Cav.Sqn. as escort;

b) Cavalry Regiment may move along ways by Squadrons only, and by Sqns and divisions (2 sqns) elsewhere; if Cavalry approach the enemy or expect an enemy nearby they can be formed into a battle order (up to 250 cavalrymen in one hex) and have more than 2 squadrons in one hex;

c) Artillery, Art.Parks and Trains may not move through FOREST hexes without ways, but may move through Orchards.

2. Battle Order:

a) no more than 8 guns in one hex (1 Battery + 1 Btn. in Column/or 1 Sqn. is possible);

b) no more than 1,200 infantrymen or 250 horsemen in one open space hex, 650 infantrymen or 125 horsemen in one town or village hex;

c) no more than 300m (3 hexes) between a Skirmish chain and the parent Brigade in the open fields;
d) no Infantry units in Line order in Village/Town hexes;

e) only Light Artillery (till 6pdr.) may be positioned in Village/Town hexes, and only in the road hexes inside a village/town;

f) only Battalion / Regimental Artillery may be positioned with Infantry in Line order;

g) Infantry battalions of 650 men and more in Line order must to detail their Light companies,
Infantry battalions of 800 men and more must use Extended Line feature.

3. Attack Order:

a) Infantry may attack with fire on ANY Cavalry from the maximal range only, if the cavalry unit persist and do not leave their position then Infantry may attack from the minimal range, the exceptions: skirmishers in orchards, woods and towns, and surprise encounters; Infantry may melee only disordered/routed Cavalry;

b) Infantry can melee Artillery even if it is stacked with Cavalry;

c) Infantry may not encircle an enemy unit within one turn. Infantry may come on their flanks only on the first turn. For the second turn it may surround the enemy unit completely;

d) disordered unit may attack/advance with the presence of a leader only;

e) Cavalry may charge village/town along streets only;

f) Troops cannot fight in woods at the Night time;

g) Cavalry cannot charge at the Night time.

5. Infantry/or Artillery may not shot across their skirmishers are in front of the infantry/or artillery unit.

6. If any routed troops without a leader find themselves behind the enemy front line or enveloped in open, they must to capitulate and draw themselves into a location indicated by an opponent.

7. Conquered and occupied hostile Objective point in towns and villages must have some
garrison (a troop/company of infantry or troop/squadron of cavalry, or a wagon-train).

8. Once a unit (except Guards) has lost 50% of their strength, it can no longer engage in offensive actions.

9. Engineer/Pioneer/Sapper/Pontoneer units' river-crossing work is possible with the presence of their Engineer/Pontoon Parks only.

10. Night actions. At the visibility of 2 hexes (200m) all fighting forces must be disengaged.
At the visibility of 1 hex (100m), put all troops on the night bivouacs, and let to move nobody but regimental supply trains and very small forces of the night sentinel posts and piquets (Light Inf. company, Cav. platoon). Exception: the night retreat from a battlefield.

From Russia with Love
Podporuchik Evgeniy Gudkov
Light Artillery Company #20
2nd Grenadier Division
Russian Corps

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 Post subject: Re: 1814
PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 5:10 am 

Joined: Mon Jun 13, 2016 3:59 pm
Posts: 7
Hi Evgeniy

I'm in, I like your house rules. I don't have any preference on the scenario.

I am available for one turn/day from Monday. Let me know !


Lieutenant Adrien Zanelli
3ème Compagnie du 2ème Régiment d'Artillerie à Cheval(Demi-Batterie)
3ème Division de Dragons
Réserve de Cavalerie
La Grande Armée

"Quoerit quem devoret"

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