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Author:  Andy Moss [ Tue May 17, 2016 6:07 am ]
Post subject:  SB_Smolensk BD Smolensk Both Days

The Russians start this game in a bad position. The trick for the French is to storm the south side of the city as fast as possible, in the face of a lot of Russian guns. Some of the Russian guns are the wrong side of the wall so need to be rescued, or their loss is assured. Then storm over the river, and advance on the exit hexes. Any delay means the Russian reinforcements arrive and the French are stuck - and the Russians can hold them at bay whilst removing their own units from the exit hexes for good points. Much of the northern riverbank by the crossing points is impassable wall, making any French advance very focussed - make sure you work out which hexes can be crossed before you attack!

In the first game I played Marshal Bardon and it was a (very short) Russian disaster. In the second game the French were delayed a little longer in the south, giving Russian reinforcements just enough time to arrive. It became a Napoleonic Stalingrad and then simply an artillery duel. With the French stuck, the Russian cavalry used the exit hexes to accrue enough points for a Russian major victory.

Overall I'd say the scenario favours the Russians.

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