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Quick Update on Life
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Sat Apr 01, 2017 2:48 am ]
Post subject:  Quick Update on Life

Got to lovely Imperial Beach on March 1st and moved into my new quarters (in a garage) on the 2nd. Its been nice living here so far. I have my HQ set up in the corner of the garage. Internet (free for a change) works great. Enjoying the lovely climate here. Its very steady temps - usually 60s and 70s. Cool at night (50s) but not cold.

Turns out I will not become my great aunt's caregiver which means I am back to hunting for work. This month I got a lot of work done on the JTS game project. I am almost done with the historical battles. Just have to research the OB for Tournay 1794 and that will do it.

Also trying to get some new game design work going but am having technical difficulties getting the software to run. (this is with a new company)

Finished off my 1000th game turn in the club some time in the middle of the month.

Thanks to all that helped make the move possible. Still hoping that I can get work here and will be at it hard over the weekend in hunting something down.

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