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Game Design and Life Update
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:20 am ]
Post subject:  Game Design and Life Update

Ok ... I have kept my design updates to a minimum lately but wanted to give you some news on where I am at.

The 1800 Rhine Campaign is finished. This one is the last of the campaign files. I have AI scripts to add in for Solo scenarios of the scenarios in the main folder after that.

I want to merge the Tournay and Tourcoing maps together for a larger operational level scenario for the Battle of Tourcoing.

Artwork is really moving well. For the Units.bmp file there are only 26 images left out of the 160 that were needed for this new title. 52 of the images were used from Marengo and others that were finished during the Marengo game production but not used in that title are in this one. Altogether there are 239 images in the game.

Once the Units.bmp file images are done then Joe and Mark move on to working on the 3D images. This may take up to 2 months so my guess is that the artwork will finish near the end of September. This time around I plan on spending an entire MONTH reviewing the game before it goes out. I really want to eliminate as many errors as possible. If you would like to be part of a Review Group let me know. I would like to get four new members on the team to help out for this.

I have a few battles such as Altenberg and Neumarkt I want to add in. I just finished up the small-medium sized "Battle of First Altenkirchen" (1796). Also added in variants too.

I must say I have been excited since I started working on this project. The challenge was the most I have ever had because there is so little definitive information for a lot of these battles. Even if you go to the German or French books they are vague at best in many cases. I ran into some real gems of information along the way. Many contributed to the research end including our own Paco Palomo and Mark van Hattem.

While these battles will never equal the popularity of those like Waterloo, Austerlitz or Borodino the folks that buy the game are sure to learn something new.

One thing that was helpful: Digby Smith only had the Austrian units listed in his article on First Altenkirchen. I went to the Napoleon Series "French regiments" pages and did a text search for "Altenkirchen" and found probably all of the units that were at the battle. There was no way to tell how the regiments were "brigaded" so I had to go with OBs I had on hand. One of the Austrian regiments (Jordis IR59) was captured and thus never shows up again in the OBs for 1796. Using the Napoleon Series French regiment listings was a real nice way to find out OB info.

The usual Bonus files remain to be done. I also may have a few new bonus docs as well.

The "Planning Maps" also remain to be done as well as the Tutorial "Getting Started" file but I cannot work on the latter until all of the artwork is done.


Life update - I continue to live with my great aunt and her son and her family. The garage is a nice refuge. Its quiet out here and I get a lot of work done. The climate is fantastic. I have all I need as long as I can keep on getting the support I need.

Thanks to all that helped me out ... its really helped.

One new game project fell through. The company owner has not contacted me for months now and I am giving up on that. I am hoping to get something new with John Tiller once this is over and/or pickup new work elsewhere. I have a board game idea I want to pursue as well. I also wish to write books to help supplement my living. Perhaps I could move over to the book writing business eventually. It would be easier on me where it concerns my stroke/mental issues I go through.

Thanks again! I really enjoy working on these games and life is much easier now that I am out of that house I lived in for two+ years.

Game probably out no later than late October. Pretty much moving along as planned!

Author:  Bill Peters [ Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Design and Life Update

Quick week update: After having put together the campaign and scenario list for the game I then highlighted the ones I need to finish/create. I knocked off 36 from the list this week and by tomorrow or Sunday should have all of the easier ones (7 of those left) done. There is a total of 180 scenarios (not counting the Bonus and Design scenarios) on the list.

I had already finished off a lot of the ones on the list. I will have 27 to finish starting next week. I will probably finish up with all of them sometime after the mid point in the month if all goes well. So altogether 34 scenarios left to make and then I will add in about a dozen Bonus scenarios too. Those include some of the campaign scenarios like I did for Campaign Marengo. I picked out scenarios from the campaigns that I thought would make good stand alone battles. Going to do that again for this game.

Next week the real work begins with more research on battles like 1800 Biberach, 1796 Ettlingen and also Amberg. Just have loved working on this game.

The scenario list gives me my "marching orders" that will carry me through to the end of the scenario files in the main folder. With all of the campaigns done once these scenarios are done I will be heading down the "home stretch." Lots of Bonus documents to make and also the Planning Maps for each campaign.

Along with 1814 this has been the most challenging game I have ever worked on. I wish that more time would be spent by folks from the Osprey Campaign series on these battles. Wurzburg would be a good theme for an Osprey campaign series book as would Fleurus and others.

I have learned the most from this game than any other. I know that many of the guys on the playtest team will heartily agree. Because these battle are obscure in comparison to Waterloo, Leizpig and Borodino there is a higher learning curve for these battles.

Mark Nelms and I have had a blast playing several of the Neresheim (1796 - Nordlingen is on the map) scenarios. Andy Moss and I loved one of the variants of the Battle of Messkirch (1800 - Danube area north of Lake Constance). A really challenging battle for both sides.

Author:  SLudwig [ Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Design and Life Update

Looking forward to it Bill! Thanks for the updates..... :D

Author:  Jeff Mathes [ Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Design and Life Update

Someone has probably recommended this in the past, or perhaps someone has created an add-on, but if not, perhaps JTS could get you to update the early games to the ten minute turn and change cavalry to the squadron vice the regiment as the basic formation as in the later additions. I think this change would create more interest in these older titles for those of us who prefer the 10 versus 15 minute turn.

Author:  Bill Peters [ Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Game Design and Life Update

I was working on Warren's Waterloo OB ... he had used squadrons for that one. Still needs some tweaking and so on.

NRC would be rather easy as the number of squadrons per regiment is fairly easy to determine. I would like to someday put out a new Borodino scenario using the 10 min. turns, squadrons and an updated map. I would go back to the "ravine" look of the older Napoleon in Russia game. Referring to the stream that VIII corps has to cross to get to the Great Redoubt.

I also would change the flank scenario of Davout at Borodino. I highly doubt that the Russians would have let him move THAT far around their flank plus with all of those cossacks they surely must have deployed some out in that direction. I really doubt that Davout would have surprised the Russians. At Eylau .... well the weather was abysmal ....

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