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Battle of Aspern-Essling
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Battle of Aspern-Essling

Guys - wanted to share the link to this excellent article on The Battle of Aspern-Essling:

Check out the battle map - shows where every unit was located as the battle begins.

Looks like I will be adding in a "Bonus" battle scenario for Wagram! :)

Wish I had had this map (and well, the three volume set on 1809 by John Gill) when I put Wagram and Eckmuhl together back in the early days.

I had to laugh when they listed this battle in the category of "obscure battles." While both Wagram and Aspern-Essling do not have the prominence of Waterloo, Battle of the Bulge and Stalingrad or Gettysburg I would rate the battle I am working on today in the "obscure" category: The Battle of Castricum - 1799, the 3rd (and last) of the battles in Noord-Holland.

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