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OB Reports for Latest Game Project
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:50 am ]
Post subject:  OB Reports for Latest Game Project

Tonight I created an Order of Battle Report for each OB file in the new game. I used Dominik Derwinski's OB Editor. Its an HTML file. Very useful for designers and players.

I increased the size of the text so its easier to read.

Each OB report will be located in the "OB_Reports" folder in the game. The players can quickly "recon" an OB file by opening up that folder.

Given time I will create a similar folder for Marengo and then work backwards through the titles I have done. Rather than put the OB Reports into updates I will post them on the Scenario Design Center. The club would be welcome to post them as well too if they like.

Author:  Bill Peters [ Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: OB Reports for Latest Game Project

Update: Ok - I finished up what I am calling the "OB Compendium." I opened up all of the OB reports in a web browser and then copied the text and pasted it into its own Excel spreadsheet "Sheet," built a Table of Contents and Intro page, linked each OB listing to the TOC and included a back link to the TOC.

Its over 450 pages in size. Very nice to use for my own reference. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

We finally will have a nicely formatted listing of every OB in one of the games I have worked on.

I plan on going back and creating an "OB Compendium" for each of the past games starting with Marengo and working backwards. Bautzen, Leipzig and then 1814 (only break in the order - doing them chronologically). After that Austerlitz, Jena-Auerstadt, Wagram and Eckmuhl.

Time permitting I will create one for NRC after that followed by the other two games, Waterloo and BPW.

It took me just a little over an hour to assemble the reports into the spreadsheet and then generate the PDF using Libre Writer.

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