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Author:  Bill Peters [ Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:56 am ]
Post subject:  Quick Update

So I picked up a new game two weeks ago and just finished up the first major battle scenario for this game. A real whirlwind of a two weeks. A draft Units.bmp and Artwork list has been created and the usual OB View scenario so the players can see the entire OB for both sides is finished.

Two of my veteran playtesters are trying out the battle and it should be a lot of fun as they play through the scenario and see if I did a good job.

This week I will build scenarios of the "segments" of the battle and get the team to playtest them.

I have added in a new chart for the games - the Command Radius Chart. Easier than digging through the Parameter Data Table material for the ranges. Its called "CRC.pdf" and its a nice table. The exceptions for when the prominent commanders are in command are listed below the table. For instance: the French army in 1800 has a certain army command range but when Massena or Napoleon are in command they have longer ranges than the default.

Another addition for this current title is that the Turn Track now is based on the battle. Thus for each battle a turn track will be created. I like the turn tracks because it makes it easier to figure when major groups of reinforcements will arrive.

Lots of reading to do for this game and I am picking up a good amount of information from the team too.

When I feel that I can actually say something about the game subject I will do so. For now I will just keep you posted on the general progress.

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