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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:54 pm 
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Here an example of the Austerlitz OOB from Campaign Austerlitz:
Leader entry:
L 6 6 0 Napoleon

Infantry/Cavalry entries:
U 755 8 G M 0 0 1/Gren. à Pied
U 178 8 H S 13 1 1/Gren. à Chev.

Foot/Horse artillery entries:
U 6 5 B B 25 2 1/1 Regt Foot
U 2 5 C F 26 3 4/5 Regt Horse

Supply entry:
S 300 32 Supply Wagon

The yellow marked numbers are pointing to the unit box graphic and unit 3D icon. Changing these will only have local effect and can not be seen as cheating as even if just one sides uses them it will only change the graphics and not the results in game.
What also can be changed without trouble is the unit name.

Other modifications would change strength, quality, unit type, weapon and will by that effect the results in the game.
That means unless the graphic mod wanted to achieve more than just graphical changes and is clearly stating this, it is altering the results in the game. This is cheating if only one sides uses such a "graphic mod" as all the changes will only take effect in that players part of the turn and by that he likely secured himself and undeserved advantage.

Christian Hecht
La Grande Armée

"Vive la révolution, vive la france and vive L’Empereur!"

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:10 pm 

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For those interested, in the M&P (REN/SYW so far) engine, the .oob entries are rather more complex but the same thing applies

L 4 4 14 32 Graf Daun

U 140 4 H S 189 14 0 0 24 11 0 CR33 5/Ansbach

U 6 4 A A 177 18 0 0 15 20 0 12lbr

Austria S 300 397 12 2 Supply Wagon

Feldmarschall Freiherr Gary McClellan
Portner Grenadier Battalion
Austrian Army

Scenario Designer:
JTS Midway
JTS Seven Years War

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:39 pm 

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Mod'sters are always welcome to change the Prussian morale values to 9 anytime they like!

:frenchlol1: :frenchlol: :russianveryhappy:

Ok ... I didn't say that.. I did NOT say THAT! :frenchhappy: :french???:

General der Kavallerie Wilhelm Prinz Peters von Dennewitz
Kommandeur der Reserve-Kavallerie
Königlich-Preußisches Armee-Korps
Scenario Designer for Napoleonic Battles series - John Tiller Software

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:00 pm 
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The topic title assumes that a graphic mod will be changing the OOB file. Not every one of these is going to be doing things to this level.

What having a look at the OOB files will do is serve as a reference in identifying leaders. Personally I thought that I could do a better job at sourcing more up to date images of leaders, and could resize them while retaining more detail than had been done originally. Of course, this is more about doing the process, rather than releasing this.

One thing I learned in the process is that when working within a row, if some of the images are, say rectangular, but others on that same row retain their oval shape- that the rectangular shape becomes the default (probably due to the imagine in the first position on that row), but the rest, even if still in an oval will become rectangular while the extra area that was the background color now shows on the map. I guess if you take this another way, it seems like you can have different shapes per row. Say you divide your rows by nation... you can have different shape per nation (or even within a nation) if you are using them on different rows ... although some of this will also depend upon how many you can fit in the file and be useful. For example, SYW didn't have a lot of these (it was originally not going to have any at all -which was something that I had to address directly) -so it wasn't as big of a factor as it might be in re-doing a larger file with many images.

In this case a mod was about a creating a base of learning for future projects.

Mods aren't always going to be done for the same reasons, in my case I am looking for ways that things can work - and considering that due to policy, one is limited in what one can put out there -you can put out there an image in a mod -and that is exactly what I had done over the past year. I put together a mod for the Renaissance (REN), and what that was - was work on Seven Years War. It was more than only the 2D map, as it was also about the phasebox graphics and creating a template (much of what I did on the REN mod's phasebox -the alignment- was re-used from what I had put together for Boneparte's Peninsular War (BPW) -sure the images were changed around as it was an entirely different topic.

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