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#13a Four Nations
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Author:  Jeff Mathes [ Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:49 am ]
Post subject:  #13a Four Nations

Ed Blackburn and I began this scenario, but quickly recognized the Russian 2nd Division could be overpowered by the entire French I Corps. The units in the north begin fixed, but the French units release earlier than the Russians which does not allow for an escape from the trap they are in against the map edge. The division is weak in infantry compared to the French and the other Russian division on the map does not release from its fixed status until 0800, too late to render assistance.

Adding to the above potential point loss for the Allies, are the victory point levels: 12,000 points for a minor victory and 15,000 for a major victory for the Allies. That seems a bit more than most players would want to take on. This is the same scenario where all the bridges were missing across the rivers, so unless someone wanted to edit the bridges back in - which I did - no one would likely engage in the scenario.

Considering the potential for the hypothetical scenario, and enjoying the larger campaign style games, I used the editor to move the Russian 2nd Division further east near the Russian 3rd Division and rerouted the reinforcements to support this change in position.

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