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Talavera #157
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Author:  Mike Friedman [ Sun Jan 04, 2015 8:33 am ]
Post subject:  Talavera #157

I have had the opportunity to play 6 of the scenarios in this game so far, mostly as mirror matches. This scenario is the crown jewel in the game so far, in my opinion.

The French will have the advantage for pretty much all of the first day, as most of the Allied units are fixed.

There are a lot of fields in the open ground which can be great for ambushes or unseen advances.

Control of the hill Cerro de Cascajal will be vital. If the French can gain control of it, they can setup some nice fields of fire on Wellington's men in the second day.

This scenario will likely be one of the most played games in this title. It is not only one of the most enjoyable in this title, but I think one of the more enjoyable ones in the whole series.

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