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LSSAH 43-44 Les sept scénarios présentés sont basés sur l'histoire des Tigres de la 1.SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.
Ils ont été publiés dans le Cyberstratège nº4.
Sylvain Ferreira
Lebanon and Syria 41 Here's a group of SP1 scenarios on the invasion of French Lebanon and Syria by British forces in June 1941.
Other northern Mediterranean scenarios from a variety of sources have also been included to fill up some of the scenario slots that exist from the top of Campaign Disk 2 to the Pacific scenarios.
A bonus Word6 document on French forces has been added.
An optional set of OB files have also been included for those players who would like improved infantry firefights and theoretical weapon factors. These files use the basic SSI units and weapons but the HE weapon factors have been softened, like Scott Grasse did in his SGsOBs. Furthermore, weapon factors, including range, have been algebraically determined using the formula y=ax^b+c so as to smooth out and remove any favoritism that may have been in place for specific weapons.
Steward Hogan

Anybody may submit a new custom scenario to ME.
Please compress it in a single ZIP file and put a brief description of the scenario in the mail with the following :
- Date of battle : The year and month set in the scenario.
- Sides and mission : The sides and mission in the scenario, ie : "Germany vs USSR, Meeting engagement".
- The name and, if available, the eMail address of the author.
- Anything else you find useful...
Make sure you included a TXT file in the scenario ZIP file, describing it more in depth.

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