Musings from the Capitol




This marks the first (and hopefully many more) issue of the MASON DIXON GAZETTE. It replaces the late CONFEDERATE CHRONICLE as the official voice of the ACWGC. Unlike the CHRONICLE, the GAZETTE will strive to give our respective counterparts in the Federal camp a chance to expound on their views of the War of Northern Aggression.


In the Gazette, we will explore some of the reasons why this was one of the bloodiest and divisive of American wars which still has such a hold on us now 150 years later. We will attempt to illustrate and give some life to those brave men of both sides  by trying to look into their minds on such battles as Gettysburg, Shiloh etc. Why Lee chose to make his invasion of the North in 1863 instead of fighting a defensive war in Northern Va. We will examine some of the reasoning why Stuart was absent from the ANV during it's movements to Gettysburg for example.


We will have reviews of books, games, movies that deal with the ACW. We will have some fiction stories that will try to entertain you as well as to make you stop and consider the heroes of the Blue and Grey. We will take a battle or campaign and analyze the strategy used. We will take look at the weapons of the first truly modern war as well as the men that used them.


The Gazette will be open to all members who wish to contribute something to the publication. We do have rules and regulations for the submission of material to the Gazette. We will not turn anyone away. If it doesn't meet the guidelines, it will be returned with the reason why it wasn't suitable for publishing and an invitation to resubmit.


The Gazette invites all criticism, and applause with a letters column. The Gazette will have a feature article as well as the normal columns as did it's predecessor. We want to make this publication to be one that ALL of us can be proud of.




1. All articles must cover the period from 1848-1870.


2. Modern politics and issues are not acceptable unless the article refers to today -but it will be reviewed by the staff.


3. All articles will be written in such away as to be tasteful and considerate of our readers. Any kind of racial ethical religious slurs or slights will NOT be tolerated. If you are going to address the rise of the Ku Kluck Klan in the Reconstruction Period, then do so in such a way as to not offend. We are not stressing being PC, but we are stressing the respect of others. If an author does this, their work will be returned with a warning. A second incident will result in the refusal of any further works by that author. We will not shy away from controversy-but neither will we tolerate abuse of others.


4 If you are using information from another source, please make sure you give that source credit. Plagiarism will not be accepted. Please make all work original as possible.


5. Deadlines for submission of articles is the 15th of the month. We will be shooting for a publishing date of around the 25th of the month. All work that is submitted after the 15th will be published in the following month issue.


6  Make your work interesting and fun. History should be fun and not boring.



For all you loyal readers of the CHRONICLE we hope you will like the Gazette. We will strive to make every issue better and live up to the Chronicle's reputation. For you new readers, we hope you will like what you read and that it will make you want to learn more and bring the BG series more to life for you.


Semper Fidelis!


Lloyd H. Cole

Colonel, CSA

3rd Va. Cavalry Division, II Corps, ANV

Editor in Chief