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EDITION 03 - July 1998

Editor: Pierre Desruisseaux  ACW - CE




General Info and Club News

It's hard to believe but One Year has passed marking the Club's first anniversary.   Having been here from the beginning I have seen the Club go through some difficult growing pains, however it has to grown into a mature and active Club 16 new USA recruits and 11 CSA recruits this month.  Certainly more that just a Club were we play wargames but an outlet for personal creativity.  Look at all of the fine web pages designed and actively updated by the Corps Commanders, Divisional Commanders and virtually anyone wanting to participate in this way.  I am proud to be a member of this Club.


Ist Corps and IIIrd Corps have opened a Mess/board.  You can get to it via their HQ pages, another fine addition to esprit de corps.

Ist and IIIrd Corps Officers are participating in Corps maneuvers.  A 4-4 Multi battle of BGG is being played


A Union IVth Corps has been formed.  Col Hulinsky has accepted command of the newly formed IV Corp and will receive a brevit rank of LtGen

US Officers,

After a long dry spell, it appears the Confederacy is attempting to challenge the Union's dominance in this little war.

With this in mind, Gen Peluso has ordered the reopening of the US HQ to organize the Union Commander's to meet this new
Rebel offensive. He states it is probably an unnecessary precaution considering the youthful inexperience of the CSA's new
leadership but he felt it would be a good drill for all of our officer's (both young and old)!

We hope to see you there!(See your immediate commander for a pass to access the HQ.)


Grand Campaign 1 1998 News

Here are the latest update figures for the 1998 Grand Campaign. Most of the battles are into the 15th thru
22nd move. All battles have seen casualties (though Second Bull Run, with 125 Rebel cavalry casualties and 4 Union guns
lost, is still largely a battle of maneuver to this point).

There have been no completed battles within the last month but Wilson's Creek and A Rock and a Hard
Place are getting close to the end. wilson's Creek looks as though it will be a Rebel victory, but Rock and a
Hard Place is still up for grabs. .



Promotions and Corps News 

CSA Promotions May 1998 

Congratulations to Capts. Denner & Nicosia who take command of the 1st and 3rd Divisions respectively. Additional congrats
to Denner for his recent ascendancy to Captain. IIIrd Corps

Fld Lt Don Ist Corps

Cpt. Rozendaal Ist Corps

I-Corp Monthy Report
                                     June, 1998
                      Lt General Jame Thomas, Commanding

 NEW RECRUITS - and Other Training for the Month of:   JUNE  1998
         NAME         DATE                      NUMBER           GAME     STATUS
 1. R BOYLES        06/08/98             CSARB083       CTG102   NO CONTACT*
 2. S MAUL          06/16/98             CSASM087       CTG104   IN PROGRESS
 3. F GRAHAM        06/24/98             CSAGF090       CTG105   IN PROGRESS
 4. N CUSHMAN       02/04/98             CSANC060       CTG102   IN PROGRESS
 5. C DOW  Returned to Duty 06/26/98     CSADC039       CTG106   IN PROGRESS
 6. M ANDERSSON     06/30/98             CSAMA093       CTG107   IN PROGRESS

 COMMENTS:  All games are progressing nicely.

 1.  R Boyles*:   Repeated attempts by our Training Officer to initiate a
game have met with no response.

 4.  N Cushman's Training game had been stopped for some reason.  I ordered
our new Training Officer to start another game with him so 2nd Lt Cushman
could complete his training.

 5.  We had lost contact with 2nd Lt Dow, but have now re-instated him from
our inactive reserves, and I have ordered our Training Officer to begin
another training game.


 Officer's Receiving PROMOTIONS in the Month of:  JUNE  1998
       NAME                     DATE            NEW RANK                OBD POINTS
 1. 2nd Lt G COPE        06/15/98   FIELD LIEUTENANT                30
 2. 2nd Lt P DON         06/19/98   FIELD LIEUTENANT              30
 3. Fld Lt G COPE        06/26/98   CAPTAIN                       48
 4. 2nd Lt R HAMILTON    06/26/98   FIELD LIEUTENANT              30



 NEW GAMES Started During the Month of:  JUNE 1998
 Game#  Game/Scen  Turns  Type    Date    Rebel Player  Union Player  STATUS

 SPN030  BGN - 01   38    FIGHT 06/12/98  1. P Don       1. J Gleason  In Prog

 MPS004  BGS - 04h  90    FIGHT 06/12/98  2a. J Thomas   2a. A Martin  In Prog
 MPS004                                        2b. Bertrand   2b. R Hall
 MPS004                                                   2c. P Miranda
 MPS004                                                   2d. J Cotter

 SPS028  BGS - 04a  90   FIGHT  06/13/98  3. J Thomas    3. E Masson   In Prog
 SPG052  BGG - 13  149   FIGHT  06/13/98  4. J Thomas    4. E Masson   In Prog

 SPN032  BGN - 01   38   FIGHT  06/18/98  5. G Cope      5. D Burke    In Prog

 CSA0001 BGG - 12  139   Man  6/24/98  6a. Desruisseaux  6a. G Cope In Prog
                                             6b. J Hardy          6b. J Thomas
                                                     6c. T Sparrow     6c. P Don
                                       6d. M Speller     6d. R Ahlf

 CMG115 BGG - 50d  149   Man  06/29/98  7. R Prather   7. J Thomas


 Games COMPLETED During the Month of:   JUNE 1998
 Game#  Game/Scen  Turns  Type    Date    Rebel Player  Union Player  STATUS

 CTG101 BGG - 15a  13  Training 06/07/98  1. P Don      1. G Cope    Maj
Rebel Loss
 SPB022 BGBR - 03  02  FIGHT    06/08/98  1. Rozendaal  1. S Eck     Maj
Rebel Win
 CMG114 BGG - 06h  12  Man      06/14/98  1. P Don      1. G Cope    Maj
Rebel Loss

 CMG113 BGG - 06h  12  Man      06/26/98  2a. Hamilton  2a. G Cope   Maj
Rebel Loss
 CMG113                                          2b. M Adams   2b. J Thomas

Lt General Thomas, CSA, I-Corps


USA Promotions May 1998 

Major Michael Medina to Lt. Colonel
Major Alex Martin to Lt. Colonel
Major Gary Cobleigh to Lt. Colonel
1st Lt. Lars Sonderhauge to Captain
1st Lt. Thomas Callmeyer to Captain

Lt. Gen. Michael O'Connor, III Corps, USA



Welcome New Members

June 1998

Tobbe Landström, Mark Speller, Robert R Boyles, Timothy Louis Miller, John P Looby, David A. Lee, Steve Dotter, Graham Fife,  Jon F. Scott, Steve Maul, Costantino Sestini

Marshal C. Funk, Ted Madden, Jim Svette, Laurence C. Boyd, Aaron Olds, Chris Schulze, Joe Engberg, David Benn, Bob Hughes, Alex Brandsma, Frank L J Mullins, Carel Richard Soltys, James E. King, Douglas Hampton McGregor, Trevor Lange, Salvatore Orlando




Trivia Contest 


Not enough participants for a winner!!!




Battle News 


New Scenarios




Battleground Updates 

                   32-bit Battleground™ Shiloh Version 2.02 (Windows 95)

Changes for BGS 2.02:
* Isolated Routed units melee defend with strength 0.
* Fix for spotting by uncrewed artillery battery.
* Added Turn to phase message in status bar.
* Possible fix for Automated Defensive Fire failures.

                32-bit Battleground™ Antietam Version 2.0 (Windows 95)

Now available: John Tillers    Main Program


Member News


Gettysburg, July 1, 1863

Late in the afternoon of this first day's battle, when the firing had greatly decreased along most of the lines General Ewell and I were riding through the streets go Gettysburg.   In a previous battle he had lost one of his legs, but prided himself on the efficient of the wooden one which he used in it's place.  as we rode together, a body of Union soldiers, posted behind some buildings and fences on the outskirts of the town, suddenly opened a brisk fire.  A number of Confederates were killed or wounded, and I heard the ominous thud of a Minie ball as it struck General Ewell at my side. I quickly asked: 'Are you hurt, Sir?' 'No,no,' he replied; 'I'm not hurt.  But suppose that ball had struck you: we would have had trouble of carrying you off the field, sir.   You see how much better fixed or a fight I am than you are.  It don't hurt a bit to be shot in a wooden leg.'

General John B. Gordon



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