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EDITION 02 - June 1998

Editor: Pierre Desruisseaux  ACW - CE




General Info and Club News

The Month of May has seen much activity within the Club.  Many new members, many from overseas, have added a boost to the club.  The CSA has completed it's Command change and much of the restructuring.  If you have not done so look at the I,II, and III Corps pages and see all of the fine work put into them.

Great news has been received regarding the Battleground series continuing with the battle of Chickamauga.  Is anyone else out there confused, their advertising another BG game but then they speak of a real time campaign series in the same breadth.  I personally would like to see a campaign game.

CSA NEWS:  A revision to the CSA rank structure has been proposed and accepted. CSA CoA Gen. Gregg has installed a new CSA rank structure as follows.  The rank and promotions  will carry over to the new structure.
2nd Lieutenant - 15 points
Field Lieutenant - 30 points
Captain - 45 points
Major - 60 points
Lt. Colonel - 75 points
Colonel - 150 points
Brigadier General - 300 points
Major General - 450 points
Lt. General - 600 points
General - 800 points

NEW - CSA medals have been developed to be awarded to deserving Officers.  Here they are:

CSA IIIrd Corps news

III Corps is pleased to announce the release of the Swamp Legion gazette

CSA IInd Corps news

I am pleased to announce the opening of the II Corps personnel History
Page, accessed through II 'Stonewall' Corps Web Page. Here you will find the
potted histories of the members of II Corps from birth to 1861.

32 bit Review

The 32 bit (Win95) version of the BG system have added a breath of fresh air to the system.  Key features is the PBEM Encryption option and the auto defensive fire feature.

Some concerns have been brought out.  Auto def. fire feature does not seem to be an ideal options in smaller scenarios where you do not have a lot of ammunition.  Secondly it will fire at the closest enemy unit therefore allowing the enemy to use it to his advantage.  Your units may not always fire, if they are out of command the computer will not fire them. These points , although not good, are livable I think when you consider that every turn you receive will be a movement turn.  This will cut the time to play by a wide margin.

Any drawbacks are certainly outweighed by the advantages.  We can only hope that the auto def. fire can be revised so that we have a choice of who will fire and at what.

Your comments are welcome, mail to:   Pierre

Grand Campaign 1 1998 News

The CSA forces have taken the lead with two completed game victories at Shiloh and Prairie Grove.  The USA who took the early lead with the first victory in the campaign game at the Wheatfield will have their work cut out for them.


Promotions and Corps News 

CSA Promotions May 1998 

CSA II  "Stonewall" Corps 

CPT Adamson has been promoted to LtMaj.
Lt McNally has been promoted to Fld Lt.
Ist Corps Commander has been promoted to the Rank of Brigadier General.  Congratulations to the Ist CSA merit earned Officer.
MEDALS.  Col. C. Ledford and Col. P. Desruisseaux have been presented the Commander of the Army Medals. 

USA Promotions May 1998 

The Phantom (4th) Division, I Corps USA

 2Lt. Sam Moon - promoted to 1Lt
2Lt. Craig Watsford - promoted to 1Lt
2Lt. Sean Reynolds - promoted to 1Lt and then to Captain

June III Corps, USA "Officers Call"2nd Army Corps


I though that since we have undergone a number of promotions, transfers, and
additions to the Corps since I became Corps Commander, that I would summarize
these in a short newsletter format provisionally called "Officer’s Call."

Lt. General Michael O’Connor to permanent rank of Colonel

1st Division
Major Michael Medina, "Fighting Fenian’s Division, to 1st Division Commander
1st Lt.  Mike Wallace, formerly of "The Irish Brigade" to Capt., Major, and
Lt. Colonel, also awarded Kearney Cross and promoted to Executive Officer of
III Corps

2nd Division
Capt. Alex Martin, "Alex’s Avenger’s" to Major
1st Lt. Gary Cobleigh, "California Brigade to Capt. and Major, also promoted
to 5th Division Commander

3rd. Division
Capt. Andrew Millar, "Cumps Cavaliers Brigade" to Major

New Recruits:
2nd Lt. Thomas J. Callmeyer, "New York Volunteers"
2nd Lt. Mark S. Tewes, "Bucktails Brigade"
2nd Lt. John Cotter, "Vermont Brigade"
2nd Lt. William A. Raber II, "Brave Rifles Brigade"
2nd Lt. Nikola Pajvancic
2nd Lt. Pierre Miranda, "Crusader's Brigade"

Lt. Colonel Drew Wagenhoffer to 4th Division

Medal’s at this point in time:
Awarded by Col. Quantrell (former Corps Commander)
QM to Michael O’Connor
QM to Andrew Millar

Awarded by Lt. General Michael O’Connor
KC to Lt. Colonel Mike Wallace
KC to Thomas V. Olszowy
KM to Colonel Lee Quantrell

Personnel To Inactive Status:
Capt. Kurt Nichols

Please check the Corps’s Web Site to see the changes in status as of the
present date.  I have expanded the Corps from 4 to 5 Divisions to be prepared
to receive additional recruits, and have promoted Lt. Colonel Mike Wallace to
Executive Officer.  Given the ever present problems with coordinating large
numbers of emails, file transfers, etc., if you have any problem getting a
hold of me, please contact Lt. Col. Wallace.  He will also be contacting the
newer recruits to make sure that they are coming along in their training and
have no other problems.

Hurrah for the Union!

Lt. General Michael O’Connor, III Corps, USA


New Members

Mai 1998

Brian Dow    CSA
Mike Fuss    CSA
Roger Thomas VanHooze  CSA
Mark Speller        CSA
Peter Alan Don    CSA
Hans Richardt Schmidt-Nielsen   CSA
William P Adams   CSA

Paul Cramer        USA
Alan Ockwell      USA
Nikola Pajvancic    USA
David W. Earls    USA
William Colvill, III  USA
Keith R. Hodapp USA
Dwight Belles  USA
Andrew M. Johnson(really!) USA
Oyvind Bjartveit  USA
jackie minoso  USA (** need your email address**)



Trivia Contest 

 Trivia Q.:  We know Traveller, Little Sorrel and others favoured equine
companions.  What was the name of George McClellan's best known horse?

The 4th and 8th correct answer will win.  5 OBD points
Send you answers to :  Trivia Contest
Contest valid until July 01.  Winners to be announced at that time


Battle News 

The Phantom (4th) Division, I Corps USA news:
"Battle of the Century"  (Mpn004)

Myself, Capt Reynolds & Lt Moon have entered into the "Battle of the
Century"!  <G>  We are facing LGen Thomas, Col Ledford & Lt Col Noblitt in
a 32 bit version of the Full Antietam scenario.  In the first 4 turns, an
agressive attack on Nicodemus Hill by Lt Moon has netted the US team 500
victory points.  We've destroyed 12 artillery pieces and 75 CS cavalry
while the enemy has cruelly killed 300 US infantrymen.  It's still very
early though...

Phantom Div vs Claymore Div  (Mpg016)

The entire Phantom Division is facing the entire Claymore Division (Major
Adamson's boys, a 4 on 4) in the BGG "A Rock & A Hard Place Scenario".
Only a few turns have been completed but some of the boys in blue are
already in rout formation back towards Gettysburg.  Guess the sound of
artillery fire scared them!  <G>  The mouthy Col Hulinsky guarantee's a US
victory or he'll eat his hat!  (Yet to be publicized...)

New Scenarios



Battleground Updates 

          32-bit Battleground™ Gettysburg Version 2.05 (Windows 95)

Changes for BGG 2.05:
* When optional rule for Leader Victory Points is in effect, victory points
 for each leader is added Leader Casualty Dialog.
* Fix for Auto Defensive Fire failures.

          32-bit Battleground™ Waterloo Version 2.03 (Windows 95)

Changes for BGW 2.03:
* Skirmishers do not negate the defensive effect of squares when
  charged by cavalry.
* Fix for low-strength units deploying skirmishers with strength 0.
* Skirmishers are prevented from voluntarily moving adjacent to enemy cavalry
  except when moving into a non-Clear, non-Field hex or when separated from
  the cavalry by a Creek or High Wall.

          32-bit Battleground™ Shiloh Version 2.01a (Windows 95)

Changes for BGS 2.01a:
* Fix for Gunboat 3D graphics.

Member News


Next Issue

Gentlemen, the quality of this newsletter depends on the information contributions of the members.  If you have any news, battle stories, anecdotes, or information that could be of interest to others  please email it to:     Newsletter Info
Many thanks to all who have contributed, keep up the good work!