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Editor: Pierre Desruisseaux

Last Update:   May 03, 1998

ACW - Newsletter May 1998


I would like to take this opportunity to bring you up-todate with the
Club organization. Effective May 1st, Rick Ledford will step down as the
Confederate CoA and become Sec. of War for the ACW Cabinet.  I would
like to take this time to thank him for his dedicated and hard work for
the Southern side of the Club, and to welcome him and wish him the best
in his new position.

What we have to look forward with the ACW BG games is the new 32 bit
versions.  I think that this will bring new interest in playing since it
does correct one of the biggest problems, the viewing of enemy files and
results.   This certainly has been a concern of late.

For your information on the Info Logo Wargame Club main page we have the
ACW and the NWC listed.  The recruiting forms are going through their
server.  It has added several new recruits over the last couple of
weeks.  The colaboration with ILWC will provide us with increased
resources and opportunities.

Warmest regards,

Pierre D. ACW C.E.


Gentlemen, I extend my congratulations to the following officers who have performed outstandingly in these past two months.

Lt Burns promoted to .......... Major
Lt Major Rosser promoted to ... Major
Lt Major Ozols promoted to .... Major
Fld Lt Adams promoted to ...... Lt Major
Lt Moser promoted to .......... Fld Lt

These promotions took effect offically April 20, 1998.

One other I-Corp member was promoted to Lt General, then just as quickly he departed I-Corps. I congratulate Lt Gen
Prather, he will be a great corps commander leading the mighty III corps of the CSA.

I also extend my congratulations to Lt General McBride the new corps commander of II-Corps.

I also welcome Col Ledford back into the folds of I-Corps, and at his new post as Secretary of War for the CSA. I wish to
extend my many thanks to him for all his has done and accomplished while being our leader the CoA.

If ya fellows have room for one more drink, this rounds on me. Hip...Hip...Hurrah to all.

Lt General Thomas, CSA, I-Corps

As of this date, May 1, 1998, the following changes to the CSA OOB are in effect:

Gen Rick Ledford is resigning as CSA CoA and will assume the post of ACW Secretary of War. He will retain the rank of

Gen Maxcy Gregg is resigning as III Corps commander and will assume the post CSA CoA.

Lt Gen Jim Butler is resigning as II Corps commander and will assume division command. He will retain the rank of Lt Major.

Lt Gen Randy Prather will assume command of II Corps; Lt Gen Denis McBride will assume command of III Corps.

I wish to take this moment to thank all CSA/USA members for their friendly comradeship and steady support during my tenure
as CSA commander. The experience has been personally gratifying though emotionally draining at times.

The baton has been passed. Hearty congratulations to the new commanders.

Mr Dixon---a running tab if you please.

Belly up to the bar, boys!! The drinks are on me!!

Col Ledford
Posted by Lt. General Michael O'Connor, III Corps on May 01, 1998 at 14:59:20:

I am proud to announce that on the last promotions list that Capt. Alex Martin (2nd Division "Alex's Avengers") was promoted
to the permanent rank of Major and 1st Lt. Gary Cobleigh ("California Bde") was promoted to the permanent rank of Captain.
Their commissions at these ranks shall be dated from April 28th, 1998 (for purposes of seniority).

Three cheers for the Union!

Lt. General Michael O'Connor, III Corps

The bar is on III Corps tonight gentlemen.

Posted by Fld.Lt. D.J. McBride CSA Congaree Swamp Rifles on April 18, 1998 at 10:53:43:

Col. Roger Hulinsky and I are engaged in the long-awaited (by those who enjoy watching grass grow) "Battle of the
Quartermasters". No sooner did Col. Hulinsky's boys set their pies out to cool, than Longstreet's pantry patrol encircled them
and commenced lobbing hardtack into their midst. The field, though still contested, is littered with crockery and drenched in
Yankee soup de jour.

Camp near Bull Gap, Tenn., March 20th, 1864

Henry is just making preparations for our morning meal, nominally known with us as breakfast.  He is now hacking the beef so that we will be able to masticate it.  They say in camp that the beeves that are brought to our market now are all drove from the "valley of starvation."  You would say so, too, if you could see them coming reeling and staggering along the road, with their eyes glaring like death was right on their heels.  The boys say that they have to drive  props all over the field for them to lean up against to keep from falling down and dying. - Richard Lewis, CSA

February 22, 1862;  Jefferson Davis is sworn in as president of the Confederacy in Richmond, Va.

CSA PROMOTION LIST   February 1998


CSA promotion list for Feb 19, 1998.  The following officers are hereby
promoted to the  permanent rank of:

Lt Major John Curley, III Corps to Major        (112 pts)
Captain Bob Rosser, I Corps     to Lt Major     (68 pts)
Fld Lt Art Ozols, I Corps               to Lt Major     (63 pts)
Fld Lt Mark Adams, I Corps              to Captain      (48 pts)
Lt Martin Adamson, II Corps     to Field Lt     (32 pts)


Gen RF Ledford, CoA, CSA



An outrageous insult to the Women of New Orleans

Southern Men, Avenge their wrongs!!!

Head-Quarters, Department of the Gulf,
New Orleans May 15, 1862.

General Orders, No. 28.

       As the Officers and soldiers of the United States have been subject to repeated insults from the women calling themselves ladies of New Orleans, in return for the most scrupoulous non-interference and courtesy on our part, it is ordered that hereafter when any Female shall, by word, gesture, or movement, insult or show contempt for any Officer or soldier of the United States, she shall be regarded and held liable to be treated as a woman of the town plying her avocation.

             By command of Maj.-Gen. Butler
                                            GEORGE C. STRONG
                                            A.A.G. Chief of the Stables.



CSA promotion list for Jan 24, 1998 is as follows:

Captain Gary Cope to            Major           (112 pts)
Fld Lt Randy Prather to         Major           ( 92 pts)
Lt Major Steve Dixon to         Major           ( 77 pts)
Captain David Noblitt to       Major           ( 76 pts)
Captain John Curley to        Lt Major        ( 65 pts)
Fld Lt Bob Rosser to              Captain        ( 58 pts)
Lt John Murphy to                 Field Lt        ( 37 pts) effective 10/27/97
Lt Bobby Mullins to                Field Lt        ( 33 pts)

Corps commanders, please inform your officers of their promotions.
Congratulations to one and all.


Gen Ledford, CoA, CSA


February 25, 1863 [Camp at Falmouth, Virginia]
        Since General Hooker assumed command, we have frequently seen him, and he appears to be looking after affairs.  He is a fine appearing soldier, with smooth shaven face, and, as a division commander, has been very successful.  He...has a reputation for gallantry, and keeps a good many society people about his HQ.  Anything, of course, is an improvement on Burnside and we all hope Hooker proves a success.
        I saw it stated the other day that the newspapers had killed off McClellan.  How curious it is, that people should be so obtuse!  McClelland killed himself.  The newspapers gave him a reputation gratuitously, before he had ever marched a man out of camp, and when the test came he was found wanting, and although favored beyond all other men, ultimately found his level and has dropped out of sight.
-Josiah Marshall Favill, USA

January 31, 1998

****** NEWS   FLASH ******


The CSA/USA ACW War Game Club first official campaign is to start.  Officers from the CSA and the USA commands are lining up for their battle orders.  Battle scenarios and OOB's are being organized by the CoA's.

Some recommended scenarios are:   ( not confirmed)

Stay tuned for more news as the project develops.



Camp at Stevensburg, Virginia,  January 1 st, 1864

Who would have dreamed in '61, that those of us who started out to finish the war in the course of three months' service, would still be in the filed three years afterwards, with the task still unacomplished?...  Over one half of our original number has disappeared from the muster rolls; killed in action; died of wounds, of disease, of fatigue and exposure, or perhaps resigned, unable to stand the constant shock of arms.  This old state of Virginia, has become a vast cemetery, in which thousands of once bright and ambitious men belonging ot the army of the Potomac now lie scattered in its shady nooks or somber woods... Amongst the survivors, the excitement and enthusiasm of early days has long since [passed away, but the resolve still remains, and until the work is done this army will never lay down its arms.  -Joshiah Marshall Favill, USA


 Camp near Fredericksburg,  January 8th, 1863
Our company have been on picket duty for the last days of the week, the lines being on the bank of the river.  The enemy are disposed to be very friendly, and try frequently to exchange papers with us, but we are not allowed to hold any communication with them.  The day that I was on picket, two men came down to the river, somewhat intoxicated, and invited some of the Yankees over without my being apprised of it, until they had nearly reached this side.  I was a little afraid the General might find out, as the orders were strict in regard to their crossing, and I can tell you I made the Yankee boys get back to their own side in a hurry. -Richard Lewis, CSA


October 08, 1997
Washington Post

Washington, D.C.  The call for more recruits on the nation has led to the forming of the Artillery Brigade in the First Corps.  This organization has devoted itself to the training of raw recruits for the honor of taking the field for the red, white and blue.  When interviewed the commander, Lt. Peters, had this to say, "We intend on training these men to be competant commanders of our brigades capable of snuffing out this rebellion against the recognized authority in the land, the US Constitution!"   "We support the Divisions of our Corps in battle and aim to make these recruits the best that they can be for their country!"   When asked about the future prospect of other artillery brigades in the army Lt. Peters could only say, "That is up to our high command.  The new recruits need to be properly trained for battle.   It is no use sending raw soldiers into battle."   Further conversation with the commander was cut off as he had to make his way to Bull Run on sudden notice.


September 17-18, 1862 [After the battle of Antietam]

It became very cold during the night, and to keep off the wind we piled up a rampart of dead men and so spent a wretched night.  Some of the wounded were brought in during the night by comrades from between the lines, which were very close together.  Several times our men hailed the rebel pickets, asking them not to shoot, when the piteous cries of some poor wounded fellow attracted special notice, and in many cases the friendly Johnniess held their fire, and the victims were brought in.  At break of day  all fell in, expecting a renewal of the battle, but no movement was ordered and the men walked about trying to pull themselves back together. ---Joshia Marshall Favill, USA.


GETTYSBURG, PA. It was a hot and humid afternoon in the wheat fields of
Gettysburg this the 2nd of July, 1863.  Confederate forces under the
command of Lt. Major Jim Thomas, know by friend and foe alike as the Grey
Ghost, began moving toward Devil's Den in the Little Round Top battle.  A
surprise attack early on the artillery at Devil's Den would set the tone
for the day.  The Confederate forces were successful in capturing the
artillery and taking many prisoners of the Union forces trapped on the
rocks.  Devil's Den had been taken and would be held until sunset.  By mid
afternoon, the Confederate divisions lead by Fld Lt. David Noblitt and Lt.
John Murphy captured the Peach Orchard with such a vengeance, that the
Union forces were never able to regain momentum.  In a final and dramatic
effort to regain Devil's Den and the Peach Orchard, the Union forces under
the command of Colonel Nichols made a brave and desperate assault on the
exhausted Confederate soldiers.  Just as the last beams of the sun hit
Devil's Den, the Union forces recaptured those lonely and bloody rocks,
however, they were were not successful in pushing the Confederate I-Corps
from the Peach Orchard.  The Confederate troops are having a party at the
Mason-Dixon Tavern this evening celebrating a minor victory over the Union

At a distant table in a dark corner of the Tavern, Col. Nichols was heard
telling Col. Quantrell, "Our downfall was definitely the Grey Ghost's
ability to not only win timely melee's, but to scoop up entire brigades
with well placed units."  All Col. Quantrell could do was say, "Damn".

Richmond Times

CSA Promotion list.

The following Officers have received confirmed Promotions for valiant action against the enemy as well as service to the cause..


Steve Dixon                Lt.        08/10/97                          Win    18/4                  Cpt.       18 turns played - resignation


Maxcy Gregg             Major    08/25/97    MBGG002       Win                           Col. (e)    Combined with above


Bill Wagenseller          Flt.        08/25/97    MBGG002       Win                           Cpt.         Early end of battle


Pierre Desruisseaux    Col. (e) 08/25/97     MBGG002       Win    16/4                Col. (a)      Includes admin performance


Ist Virginia Reserve Corps formed

The CSA has formed a Reserve Corps for those Officers who must have extended leaves.  Officer in this Corps will remain in good standing.   Officers must request to join this Corps with their reason and approximate need of leave.    Officers who are considered AWOL, are struck form the record books and must rejoin with the Junior rank and no history.



August 10, 1997

Washington Post

 "Major Chuck Nichols,of the 1st Division III Corps, has received a
promotion, from the war department. To full Colonel(E) after a valiant action
upon McPherson's ridge, against Lt. Jim Stephans.  With a major victory under his
belt, the Colonel is reported to say "I am on my way to Richmond, to put down
this rebellion once and for all !"With great  news as this ,"I feel that this
war will be over soon" reportedly said by President Lincoln. "I need more men
like this." Congratulations Colonel Nichols we wish you more Victories in the



August 10, 1997
Richmond Press
II "Stonewall" Corps,  Major Butler appointed as new Commanding Officer.

A fine Confederate Officer has been appointed as the new II Corps commanding Officer.  Major Butler will have a large task in front of him, re-organizing the Corps and preparing it for battle against the Union forces.



August 05, 1997

Washington Times

Army Corps Commander Shanghaied by Navy.

In one of those strange convergence's of reality Lt. Col. Larkin has
resigned his command of II Corps because of obligations to the US Navy.
“I hope to be assigned to the Constitution so that I can deal with those
blockade runners properly” Larkin said yesterday.  Lt. Samp, who had
been acting Corps Commander while Larkin was away was quickly promoted
to the rank of Lt. Col. and given command of the corps. “I'm elated and
ecstatic!!!!” Samp was quoted. He then quickly promoted Lt. Steve Eck to
head up 1st division and act as Samp’s aide.  Col Gross, the USA CoA
said “While I will miss the good services of Lt. Col. Larkin, I have
every confidence that Lt. Col. RJ ‘commander to the front!’ Samp  will
lead II Corps with distinction.”


 July 23, 1997

A revision of the exhisting rules are now posted. They have approved unanimously by the CSA/USA joint committee.  Important changes to the title of Commanders.  We now have exclusively Corps Commanders (CC) replacing the theater commanders, Chief of the Army replacing the GoA, and Game Commander (GC) replacing the AC in multi games.  The purpose was to clarify the roles with the Titles.

An important military structure change has been made.  We now have Corps which cna have Divisions and Brigades.   This will allow for future expansion.  One day we may even require Army formations.

Corps Commander pages

Major Maxcy Gregg and Major Rick Ledford have their own corps site.  All information regarding their Officers, games in progress, will now be updated by them.  They have added their own personal color to their site. You can look at them by choosing the CSA- Organization on the home page and clicking on the Assigned Officer page


July 20, 1997

A new multi game of Gettysburg is starting, between the two fine teams of Captain Jim Thomas CSA, (newly promoted as GC) and Col. Nic Gross USA.   See the GIP page for more information.

Best of luck to the two teams.

CSA/USA ACW Wargame Club, press


July 20, 1997


Southern forces are meeting heavy resistance (10:20am,07/01) at Mcpehrson's ridge, near the sleepy Pensylvania town of Gettysburg.   Casualties are high, Union troopers caribines are proving to be very effective.  

Richmond press.


 July 15, 1997

The Southern forces have required the services of Major Maxcy Gregg as IV Corps Commander.   Congratulations and all the best with your new postions and promotion.

Col. Pierre Desruisseaux GoA, CSA


July 13, 1997
Boston News


VI Corps Training grounds, Boston, MA

        It has been noticed that there has been a lot of troop movements in the
hills near Botson in the recent days.  Reports have it that a massive
training excersise has begun in the preparation of the upcoming war.  No
reports of how the troops are doing as of yet, but sources who have spoken
with the VI Corps commander have been gathering information as we speak.

        "These troops will be the finest in the Union I can assure you that.  I
shall work hard at training them so they are ready to march along side me
as we show the Rebs what fight'n is all about," Lt. Col. Larkin, the VI
Corps Commander said to one reporter yestarday.  It seems that these men
are very enthusiastic and it shall be a very interestung turn of evens when
these fine boys from the North march into battle with The Falcon, as they
have begun calling Lt. Col Larkin, along side them."



Latest NEWS, site Additions/Updates

Two new discussion boards have been posted.  CSA HQ, and the USA HQ.   These two boards will be exclusively be used to communicate directly with member Officers.   Please check these board often as they may have important instructions or information for you.

A new variable reinforcement campaign game scenario has been added. Units have 30% chance of coming in early.
OOB's for BGN,BGG,BGBR have been added.


Camp Near Richmond, July 3d, 1863

We were aroused on yesterday at the dawn of morning, and were soon wending our way in the direction of the Pamunkey; but when we arrived in the vicinity we were confronted by the Yankees--cavalry, artillery and infantry--in force....They formed in line of battle and gave us a few shots on our first approach, but as soon as they saw that we were not trifling with them, and were going to give them battle, they commenced a general skedaddle movement, never stopping to exchange a single shot with us, but flying in great dismay and confusion.  We pursued them for two or three miles, picking up a few scared ones who had taken refuge in ravines, and then gave up the chase as utterly hopeless, they being too expert on their heels for us. -Richard Lewis, CSA


Washington - After intense overnight negotiations, the State Department
announced today the appointment of Lt. R.E. Brooks as Secretary of State
and a second member of the Cabinet. Lt. Brooks comes highly recommended
and has some history of service with the government.  There are also
rumors of a third appointment in the works but nothing as yet has been
substantiated.  It is hoped by circles close the the Union that this
will relieve some of the burden from the beleaguered GoA, Col. Nicholas
Gross who is still hold up in the Boston telegraph office.


Press release   07/07/97

Boston MA - Reports from the Union Army command are optimistic though
little appears to be happening.  Though the newly appointed General of
the Army, Col. Nicholas Gross, has claimed that the recent communication
interruption has not caused much delay, this reporter thinks otherwise.
Source close the the Col. claim that he can often found seated before a
glowing box mumbling statements like "Now, What the hell am I suppose to
do with this?". His recent duties do not seem to have slackened his
interest in modern scientific thought though. Other sources say that the
Col. can often be found pouring over the latest scientific journals or
scrawling incomprehensible equations on the back of Army dispatches.
One wonders where the Col.'s priorities are?




        It is my privilege to serve the Union as General of the Army at this
crucial time. The fate of a nation rests in our hands and I have every
confidence that we will prevail. However there are many difficult and
trying times ahead of us.

As I have been serving at a frontier post for sometime I am out of touch
with doing here in the east.  Resent activities of Rebel sympathizers in
the Boston area have not helped much. It is only recently that the
telegraph lines have been repaired. I look to you for any suggestions
and comments.  If you could update as to the status of your commands and
the dispositions of your troops I would appreciate it.

                        Yours Respectfully
                                Col. N.A. Gross, USA


July 06, 1997


The Mason-Dixon Tavern is open.  It is a place of gathering for both sides of this dark struggle to talk and have a good time. Everyone is welcome if just to say Hi to friends and relatives who are on opposite sides.  It can also serve to offer challenges, if you are interested in a game, put it there, someone will take up the gauntlet.

How to propose Challenges?

First, Let's start with 1 on 1 challenge matches.

As I see it, the gamer has two options:

1.  place an "opponent wanted" post on CSA/USA website or over at
                        Mason-Dixon Tavern

2.  Contact any opposing officer and offer a direct challenge (just like over at L.........)

Once a scenario/campaign between two gamers has been agreed upon, both members must notify
their respective TC (corps commander), indicating Game/Scenario/side and optional rules chosen.
The TC then is required to notify his GoA and finally the GoA contacts Pierre, the neutral "web
master" for the CSA/USA  to post the GIP on the website.

Secondly, in Multiplay scenarios

Again, I see two options for gamers to get into an MP game:

1.  Sign up (volunteer) on an open slot on the website.

2.   a.  Contact friendly players in order to organize one side of an MP game, then
      b.  place challenge on website or contact the enemy directly indicating interest in MP game.

3.   AC's are required to organize the matches.   Once one is selected he will be the final team organizer.
are to go through him.  He will choose the team he is to lead.   Problems to be forwarded to the GoA.

Once an MP game has been established, it is the AC's responsibility to notify his respective TC
along with game/scenario/side and optional rules to be used.  The TC then forwards this
information to GoA and in turn the GoA notifies the webmaster for posting of GIP on website



July 2nd 1997, the first multi games are underway, good luck to all and may everyone have great fun!

New Multi games can be started, as well a Multy Antietam and Shiloh  would be great fun, we need volunteers.   If you are interested drop your TC and/or myself a line.

If you wish ot play a particular one on one game, let me know the game and the scenario. I will post it.



UNION   General Of the Army   ANNOUNCEMENT

Colonel Nicholas Gross has been promoted to the position of USA GoA effective 06/29/97.  The GoA also heads the USA cabinet.
We wish the Colonel all of the best in his new position.


June 28, 1997

From CSA / USA Headquarters:

To: all Commissioned officers

Please review new club promotion system in  CSA / USA Officer Ranks, Positions and Duties, Promotion system.


Star & Banner

Early Morning Edition Washington March 4, 1861

Lincoln Is Inaugurated

President Issues Grave Warning


Southern Secessionists

Senator Stephen A. Douglas attends chilly overcast morning ceremonies Pledge of Non-Interference with Southern Slavery! Sharpshooters posted at Capitol to guard against assassination by Southern Sympathizers

In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow countrymen, and not in mine, is the momentous issue of civil war. The government will not assail you. You can have no conflict, without being yourselves the aggressors. You have no oath registered in Heaven to destroy the government, while I shall have the most solemn one to 'preserve, protect, and defend' it.

Charleston --


June 29, 1997 The following USA positions are available. U.S.A.    THEATRE COMMANDERS One Position as a Union Theater Command (TC) U.S.A.    CABINET  MEMBERS WASHINGTON 2 Cabinet positions Any enterprising Union sympathizer can apply for the above positions.  All are welcome


Announcement   **First Bull Run Multi game Volunteers requested, 4 CSA, 4 USA**

The Southern 4 man team has been completed with volunteers.  Union volunteers are immediately required.

May 30, 1861

Head Quarters, Virginia Forces,
                                            STAUNTON, VA.

                      MEN OF VIRGINIA, TO THE RESCUE!

    Your soil has been invaded by your abolition foes, and we call upon you to rally at once, and drive them back.  We want Volunteers to march immediately to Grafton and report for duty.  Come One! Come ALL! and render the service due to your state and Country.  Fly to arms, and succor your brave brothers who are now in the field.

The volunteers from the Counties of Pendleton, Highland, Bath, Allghany, Monroe, Mercer, and other Counties convenient to that point, will immediately organize and report at Monterey, in Highland County, where they will join the Companies from Valley, Marching to Grafton.    The Volunteers, as soon as they report at the above points, will be furnished with arms, rations, &c.,&c,.

        Action ! Action ! should be our rallying motto, and the sentiment of Virginia's inspired Orator, " Give me liberty or give me Death." animate every loyal son of the Old Dominion!  Let us drive back the invading foot of a brutal and desperate foe, or leave a record to posterity that we died bravely defending our homes and firesides,-the honor of our wives and daughters,- and the sacred graves of our ancestors !

        [Done by Authority.]
                   * M.  G.  HARMAN,  Maj.  Commd'g
                                                                          at Staunton.

                        *J.M. HECK,   Lt.  Col.,  Va.  Vol.
                        *R.E.  COWAN,    Maj. Va.  Vol.
*Not members, historical figures I think

Announcement   **First Bull Run Multi game Volunteers requested, 4 CSA, 4 USA**       

Volunteers, please present yourself to: Pierre


April 10, 1861

The USA Cabinet in Richmond, VA -

1) Colonel Pierre Desruisseaux - GoA, CSA
2) Field Lt. Art Grey Rider Ozols, CSA
3) Field Lt. Shoeless Richard, CSA

The newly formed CSA Cabinet was approved, this day, April 11, 1861,
to chair two [civilian, i.e.., "Richmond"] representatives along with
the CSA General of the Army [military representative]

                a)  serve to approve promotions,
                b)  settle [game] issue questions,
                c)  MP [multi+play] rules interpretations,
                d)  permit forum for officer grievances.
                c)  serve counter weight to possible military "loose

Subject:        Sale on Bull Run

Computer City is offering BGR for 29:99.  Regular 39:99 with instant
10 bucks
off.  Spread the word.

Saturday, June 07, 1997 9:09 AM
To:     drichard@gladstone.uoregon.edu
Subject:        Re: FW: New CSA Panel Appointments!

 I approve the appointment of Pierre Desruisseaux,  General of the
Army for
our Confederacy

Lt. Art Grey Rider Ozols


   That is excellent news.  Our newly formed CSA Cabinet is now
complete.  I just realized that Bill Wegenseller is away until the
9th.   Given that our original Panel was designed to be filled by two
members and given your acceptance of honored position this day, the
appointment of Pierre Desruisseaux to become the Confederacy's
General of the Army (GoA) with privileged rank of colonel is now

CSA Cabinet
Colonel Pierre Desruisseaux, CSA
Field Lt. Shoeless, CSA
Lt. Art Grey Rider Ozols, CSA