Musings from the Capitol



Welcome to the second issue of the Mason Dixon Gazette, YOUR voice of the ACWGC and we hope to give you a good mix of history, entertainment, and information that you can use.


First thing I need to address is an apology for the change in publication schedule. When we decided to continue the effort begun with the CONFEDERATE CHRONICLES , we were hoping that we could publish every month.  Unfortunately this isnít possible as we have to gather the articles in as they are sent to us. So it was decided that we would publish on a quarterly basis in order to get a good mix of articles that everyone would enjoy.



We canít improve unless we know what works and what doesnít. Do you like the fiction?

Do you want strategy tips or background on the battles?  Book reviews, etc.

We want the Mason Dixon Gazette to be Your magazine and not just limited to the staff or a few.


Let us know how we are doing!  Email us at and in the subj line put  CROSSED SWORDS .


This issue, we have some new fiction by Charles Greco, a review of the new book, BRIGHT STARRY BANNER by Alden Carter, and much more.


Welcome to the second issue of the Gazette!


Lloyd Cole


Mason Dixon Gazette.