History of the ACWGC





This will be an ongoing article dedicated to the History of the American Civil War Game Club.  Many people, facts and  anecdotes were and are part of the ACWGC.  The ACWGC was founded in and around May 1997..  Unfortunately many record, emails of the events that have passed were loss due to the numerous system and computer upgrades over the years.  My memory of the events cannot include all of the names and time frame of the events. I will add what I remember and I ask forgiveness for errors in the recollections and for those who have contributed and were not sited.   


From the dustbin of ACWGC History,  June 1, 1999


Cabinet members: William Wagenseller, Sec. of State, Rick Leford Sec. of War, James Thomas, CSA COA, Michael O'Connor USA COA.



The Cabinet has approved the following proposal;

Colonel Ian Martian for the cabinet position of

Secretary of the Interior (doing new game ID's and helping General Woods),

Colonel Ian Schildt for the position of Secretary of Intelligence

(keeping touch with Talonsoft, John Tiller, Leadeaters, other clubs, and

spreading the word of the ACW -- inviting people to join when appropriate,


Welcome Mr. Martian's and Mr. Schildt, your additions are most welcome.

Warmest regards,

Pierre D.

ACWGC, President