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EDITION 01 - May 1998

May 03, 1998
Editor: Pierre Desruisseaux  ACW - CE



General Info and Club News

I would like to take this opportunity to bring you up-todate with the
Club organization. Effective May 1st, Rick Ledford will step down as the
Confederate CoA and become Sec. of War for the ACW Cabinet.  I would
like to take this time to thank him for his dedicated and hard work for
the Southern side of the Club, and to welcome him and wish him the best
in his new position.

CSA Command changes are as follows.

CoA -        Gen Maxcy Gregg is resigning as III Corps commander and will assume the post CSA CoA.

Ist Corps  - The Grey Line I  Corps   Lt. General  Jim Thomas Commanding

IInd Corps - Lt Gen Jim Butler is resigning as II Corps commander and will assume division command. He will retain the rank of Lt Major. New Commander "Stonewall" II  Corps  Lt. General  Randy Prather Commanding

IIIrd Corps - Lt Gen Denis McBride will assume command of III Corps.

What we have to look forward with the ACW BG games is the new 32 bit
versions.  I think that this will bring new interest in playing since it
does correct one of the biggest problems, the viewing of enemy files and
results.   This certainly has been a concern of late.

For your information on the Info Logo Wargame Club main page we have the
ACW and the NWC listed.  The recruiting forms are going through their
server.  It has added several new recruits over the last couple of
weeks.  The colaboration with ILWC will provide us with increased
resources and opportunities.

Warmest regards,

Pierre D. ACW C.E.


Promotions and Organization changes
See CSA Changes above.

CSA Promotions April 1998

Ist Corps

Lt Burns promoted to .......... Major
Lt Major Rosser promoted to ... Major
Lt Major Ozols promoted to .... Major
Fld Lt Adams promoted to ...... Lt Major
Lt Moser promoted to .......... Fld Lt

These promotions took effect offically April 20, 1998.

IIIrd Corps

Capt. Alex Martin (2nd Division "Alex's Avengers") was promoted rank of Major
1st Lt. Gary Cobleigh ("California Bde") was promoted to the rank of Captain.

Their commissions at these ranks shall be dated from April 28th, 1998 (for purposes of seniority).

Congratulations to all!


New Members

Let us welcome the new additions to the ACW.

John Hardy           Email:
Simon Patrick        Email:
Tim Boiko             Email:
Thomas Sparrow   Email:
Frank Roach          Email:
Matt Hess              Email:
Tyler Elliott             Email:
Phillip White 
Pierre Miranda       Email:
Alan Statham          Email;  ATStatham@AOL.COM
Mark Tewes           Email:
Bill                         Email:
John Cotter             Email:
Richard E. Bartlett   Email:



Trivia Contest

I am looking for questions to post.  Points awarded to questions as well as correct answers.  Drop me a line.


Battle News

Grand Campaign is on Week # 10      CAMPAIGN BATTLE  CASUALTIES
A Union Victory at the  Wheatfield - 6A - GC1W  week 8 has moved the results closer to Richmond.  The COnfederacy is doing well in many other battles, only time will tell.
A hard fought battle!!

Posted by Fld.Lt. D.J. McBride CSA Congaree Swamp Rifles on April 18, 1998 at 10:53:43:

Col. Roger Hulinsky and I are engaged in the long-awaited (by those who enjoy watching grass grow) "Battle of the
Quartermasters". No sooner did Col. Hulinsky's boys set their pies out to cool, than Longstreet's pantry patrol encircled them
and commenced lobbing hardtack into their midst. The field, though still contested, is littered with crockery and drenched in
Yankee soup de jour.


New Scenarios



Battleground Updates
          32-bit Battleground™ Gettysburg Version 2.04 (Windows 95)
          32-bit Battleground™ Waterloo Version 2.02 (Windows 95)
          32-bit Battleground™ Shiloh Version 2.0 (Windows 95)

Some important 32 bit highlights.

Abstract skirmishers and Encryption of battle files.

Changes for BGG 2.04:
* Fix for defensive melee strength of dismounted cavalry.
* Fatigue firing modifier for artillery is doubled (-2 for Medium Fatigue,
  -4 for High Fatigue, -8 for Fatigue 9).

Changes for BGG 2.03:
* Added Line Disruption flag D to terrain hexinfo value.
* Added PBEM Encryption Option.
* Fix for A/I Action Dialog repositioning in lower-right hand corner of screen.
* Fix for movement penalty for dismounted Cavalry changing facing while having
  Skirmishers deployed.
* Fix for breastwork probability for unit with Skirmishers deployed.

Changes for BGG 2.02:
* High-fatigue artillery units are vulnerable to routing.
* Added ability for dismounted cavalry to deploy skirmishers.
* Fix for Ctrl-N (Next Stack) processing.
* Fix for inadvertantly pressing F8 during PBEM replay.
* Fixed FOW info leak caused by org highlighting updating when enemy units
  are selected.
* Fix for highlighting of leaders that have failed their command test when
  Extreme FOW is in effect.
* Fix for crash caused by End key (moving units backward in hex).
* Fix for graphics update problem associated with PBEM and Auto DF.

Changes for BGG 2.01:
* Fix for multiple Commander Control selection involving failures to continue
  AI after first order.


Member News


Next Issue

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