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Army of the West (AotW)

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"Men of Arkansas" - Don Troiani

Commanding Officer of the Army of the West (AotW)

Commander: General Allan Hovey


Chief of Staff:





Hardee's Corps (1st Corps)

Commander - Lieutenant General Joseph Medeiros


Cleburne’s Division (1st Division)

Commander - Major General Dejan Zupancic

1st Brigade - General Cameron McOmish

2nd Brigade- Brigadier General Greg Davis

3rd Brigade - Brigadier General Dale Blair

4th Brigade - Major General Tom Moore

5th Brigade - Brigadier General James Edwards

6th Brigade - Major General Andy Taylor

7th Brigade - Brigadier General Carley Coma



Cheatham’s Division (2nd Division)

Commander - Major General Carlo Bonferroni

1st Brigade - Major General Marco Rietveld

2nd Brigade - Major General Adam Wadding

3rd Brigade - Major General Jan Welleman

4th Brigade - Colonel Doug Strickler

5th Brigade - Lieutenant Colonel David Andrews

6th Brigade - Lieutenant General Tony Beyersdorf

7th Brigade - Vacant



Breckinridge’s Division (3rd Division)

Commander - Lieutenant General Dale Carpiaux

1st Brigade - Lieutenant General Mike Laabs

2nd Brigade - Major General Thomas DeHoff

3rd Brigade - Brigadier General Klaus Kuhlmann

4th Brigade - Brigadier General Rich Walker

5th Brigade - Brigadier General Yvan Durand

6th Brigade - Vacant

7th Brigade - Vacant





Stewart's Corps (2nd Corps)

Commander - General Vern Pinkham


Buckner’s Division (1st Division)

Commander - Major General Roy Prurcell

1st Brigade - General Tony Malone

2nd Brigade - Brigadier General Harold Lajoie

3rd Brigade - General Kennon Whitehead

4th Brigade - Brigadier General David Goode

5th Brigade - Major General Terry Dancer

6th Brigade - Vacant

7th Brigade - Vacant



Walthall's Division (2nd Division) "Gator Alley"

Commander - General Neal Hebert

1st Brigade - General Jim Garner

2nd Brigade - Major General Tim Reneau

3rd Brigade - Brigadier General Robert M. Webb

4th Brigade - Major General David Peek

5th Brigade - Brigadier General Chris Newcomb

6th Brigade - Brigadier General Al Nardi

7th Brigade - Brigadier General Gilbert Collins



Hindman’s Division (3rd Division)

Commander - General John Dragan

1st Brigade - Lieutenant General Lawrence Bertolino

2nd Brigade - Colonel Dale Lastowicka

3rd Brigade - Brigadier General Dwain Cunningham

4th Brigade - Colonel Stuart Wilson

5th Brigade - Colonel Justin Kowal

6th Brigade - Major John Van Vliet

7th Brigade - Vacant





Forrest's Cavalry Corps

Commander - Lieutenant General Michael Mihalik


Wheeler’s Cavalry Division (1st Division)

Commander - General Robert Busey

1st Cavalry Brigade - Colonel Andrew Boustouler

2nd Cavalry Brigade - Colonel Edwin Sineath

3rd Cavalry Brigade - Brigadier General Kyle FitzMaurice

4th Cavalry Brigade - Lieutenant Colonel Blaze Dragon

5th Cavalry Brigade - Lieutenant General Tom Phillips

6th Cavalry Brigade - Major General Emilio Suarez

7th Cavalry Brigade - Vacant



Jackson’s Cavalry Division (2nd Division)

Commander - Major General Kerry Vannada

1st Cavalry Brigade - Major General Patrick Mossier

2nd Cavalry Brigade - Colonel Dagan Chambers

3rd Cavalry Brigade - Major General John Lindley

4th Cavalry Brigade - Colonel Harry Haines

5th Cavalry Brigade - Major Steve Eck

6th Cavalry Brigade - Vacant

7th Cavalry Brigade - Vacant



Morgan's Cavalry Division (3rd Division)

Commander - Lieutenant General Bruce Klem

1st Cavalry Brigade - Colonel Miguel Ruiz

2nd Cavalry Brigade - Lieutenant General Owen Evans

3rd Cavalry Brigade - Major Hakan Hen

4th Cavalry Brigade - Brigadier General Mike Burns

5th Cavalry Brigade - Brigadier General Robert Hardee

6th Cavalry Brigade - Vacant

7th Cavalry Brigade - Vacant

Past Army of the West (AotW) Commanders:

Army of the West (AotW) Commanders
General Al Hovey
November 16, 2014

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