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"Thunder on Little Kennesaw" by Don Troiani

June 6, 2016

Notice of Verification of CSA Western Theater Army Name

Officers of the Confederate States of America (CSA) Armies,

This is a sort of 'For Your Information' post and notice that the process for verifying the final name of the CSA Western Theater Army has begun. It was a process that has been in the works for a long while and is finally getting underway. Once done the name will be certified & chosen and the final outstanding task of the reorganization of the CSA, started in Fall 2014, will be complete. I'll share the result when the time comes. Then the process of creating or changing army specific awards will take place, but won't be such a large scale effort.

I am staging my emails I am sending to the three different Corps', so that they will hopefully make it past peoples spam filters and into their inboxes. My best dispatch riders are being sent to all commands. I'll post when it is done to let folks know.

My hope is that Officers of the CSA Western Theater will participate and we can make a good choice!

General Scott Ludwig
Commanding Officer & Chief of the Armies (CoA) of the Confederate States of America (CSA)

"General Robert E. Lee, Lexington, Virginia" by Mort Künstler


May 3, 2016

Passing of Major General Celamanka "Cela" Noftz

Officers of the Confederate States of America (CSA) Armies,

It is with a heavy heart that we've received word from Tom Phillips on the passing of Major General Celamanka "Cela" Noftz who has been a member of the Club for just over 10 years, joining in February of 2006. Since May of 2007 he has served as the Commander of the 1st "Jackson's Foot Cavalry" Division, II "Jackson's" Corps, Army of Northern Virginia (ANV). He had a record of 131 wins, 80 draws & 113 losses for a total of 324 games over his time here. That type of figure was typical of him in the 5 different Clubs, that I am aware of, him being a member in.

He was the type of member you wanted around, he was the type of officer you wanted in your army & he was the type of guy you wanted to know in the Clubs. He wasn't a guy who prolifically posted in the forums, but he has left an indelible mark on these Clubs. The impact of his loss will be felt for a long time to come. Every Club he was a part of he provided some sort of extra service beyond just playing games. He was always there, always willing to lend a hand, play in a tournament, help new officers, support new ideas, take on commands & whatever else might be needed. He was one of those "go to" people you could always rely on for help when you were in a bind, especially when someone was looking for an opponent to play. He was a big advocate & supporter of these Clubs and what they are about. He was truly committed to the hobby & our little world in it. He was always very friendly and I don't think I ever heard him say a negative thing, ever.

He amassed 730 games at 5 Clubs he was a member in. The CCC, the NWC, the ACWGC, the iNWC & the Blitz. At the NWC he was Feldmarschall Celamanka Graf Noftz von Kärnten serving as a brigade commander in the Austrian Army among other commands held. At the CCC he served as Lord Lord Miko Hopaii (War Chief) Celamanka Noftz, MSM of the Seneca Tribe and as the Indian Alliance Chief on the Club Staff (Cabinet). At the iNWC he served as Comte de l'Empire Lieutenant-Colonel Celamanka Noftz, the Prince de Wagram in command as the Commandant de la I Réserve de Cavalerie Corps. One of the few guys who held commands in the different Clubs from regiment level on up to Army & Cabinet level. Something I am not sure he even realized, let alone the rest of us.

He had a combined total of just shy of 12,000 points in the 4 Clubs that listed points, with 3,000 as the average, something not easy in every Club. He garnered a total of 210 different awardings of the various orders, awards, ribbons & honors that the different Clubs had, including having won the ANV II Corps Stonewall Award 14 times. He even participated in the extra things, like sharpshooter awards among other things, single handily contributing to the total the Indian Alliance had at the CCC. He also played more campaigns in different games than I can count. He joined all of these Clubs close to 10 years ago and has served them all without hesitation and with consistency. He exemplified the spirit of what they are about.

He was a friend to many, probably none more so than Tom, which is why I thought it fitting the news came from him. Him & Tom played games in all these Clubs so much, I can't actually track how many. He was a friend to me as well, one of those guys that I really worked with a lot over the years that had a direct impact on the how I felt about this hobby and a direct impact on these Clubs themselves. As several folks have noted in email already, he was very personable too, offering words of support & always liked a good laugh, as well as a good battle cry to arms!

These posts, as sad as they are, I think are good in a way, as it allows folks to share things about the person who has passed, allowing the Club as a whole to see what the person was like here & see them for more than just a name.

His name & records will be retired with honors in the Club & he will be posthumously given several CSA National Awards that are long overdue to him & his name will be written into the Memorial Page. (Site updates to be completed soon)

His son, Major General Robert Noftz serves the Union as the Division Commander of the 3rd (Cast Iron) Infantry Division, VI Army Corps, Army of the Shenandoah (AotS). A message of condolences will be sent to him & their family on behalf of the Club. Cela has several kids & grandkids, was from the Pittsburgh area & one time he told me his family was German, Irish & Polish and the family name was Noftzinski when they came to the country, shortened to Noftz.

I invite anyone who wishes to leave a post about Cela to do so. We've lost a good member!

Rest in Peace Cela......You'll Be Missed!

Your Friends at the American Civil War Game Club (ACWGC)

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