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Volume II, Chapter 5 - Army of Tennessee (AoT) Medals & Awards
AoT Combat Decorations
Awarded for Victories in Battle Against Union Opponents
1 Victory
10 Victories
35 Victories
60 Victories
85 Victories
2 Victories
15 Victories
40 Victories
65 Victories
90 Victories
3 Victories
20 Victories
45 Victories
70 Victories
95 Victories
4 Victories
25 Victories
50 Victories
75 Victories
100 Victories
5 Victories
30 Victories
55 Victories
80 Victories
110 Victories


AoT - Service Medals & Ribbons
Assignment to Army of Tennessee
Twenty Years Service
One Year Service
Twenty Five Years Service
Two Years Service
Thirty Service
Three Years Service
Thirty Five Service
Four Years Service
Forty Years Service
Five Years Service
Forty Five Years Service
Ten Years Service
Fifty Years Service
Fifteen Years Service
Fifty Five Years Service


Army of the West (AotW) Veteran
Army of Alabama (AoA) Veteran
Army of the Mississippi (AotM) Veteran




AoT - Command Staff Service Ribbons


Army Commander

Army CoS
Army Adjutant
I Corps Cmdr
II Corps Cmdr
III Corps Cmdr

Infantry Div Cmdr

Cavalry Div Cmdr

Artillery Div Cmdr
Engineer Div Cmdr
Sharpshooter Div Cmdr


AoT - Corps Awards
Old Reliable Medal
The Bishop Medal
Braxton Bragg Medal


AoT - Campaign Ribbons
Awarded for Completing Five Battles in Each Campaign Against Union Opponents
 BG Antietam
Bull Run
BG Chickamauga
BG Gettysburg
BG Shiloh
HPS Antietam
HPS Chickamauga
HPS Gettysburg
HPS Shiloh
Forge of Freedom


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