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    CSA Sharpshooter Contest

      The Confederate Army issues out the Whitworth Sharpshooter Medal – Ribbon every quarter starting January 1, 2008. This award will be overseen by the Commandant and Deputy Commandant of VMI. The Medal/Ribbon will be issued by the Commander of Army at the end of each quarter and is open to all CSA Officers.

    The rules are simple:

    You can enter any Wounded, Captured or Killed Yankee Officer that ends in that quarter. Letís say that you have just completed a Campaign Battle that you have then fighting for five months in January Ė you may find the highest wounded, captured or killed officer and file your scores at the ACWGC Automatic system: goto Reports section along with the game registration number.

    You can enter multiplied Wounds, Captures or Kills of the highest point Officer for each battle that you fought against a Union Officer.

    Example: January 5, 2008 you kill Grant 50 points

    February 27, 2008 you capture Sherman 75 points March 20, 2008 you capture Burns 50 points

    The score keeper will add your totals up and present the name to Commander of the Army for presentation.

    This award can be won numerous times by the same person.