Shared Information

This section contains shared information. Even our Union brothers are welcome to view this.

Strategic Games of the Civil War

Strategic Games

This section is for games that cover the entire Civil War. Currently there are three recent releases: War Between The States, Forge of Freedom and AGEOD's American Civil War.

Gettysburg - An Alternate Scenario

Zipped file containing scenario

The linked Zip file contains the files and information for an alternate scenario on Gettysburg using the HPS Gettysburg Campaing.  It is based off the 007 Game Scenario that uses the large map.  However, it begins at 9 AM and has release and reenforcement times the will reproduce a battle flow more nearly the Historical first day.  It also has significant changes to the pdt and scenario to more balance the game.  Read the documentation in the download for details.

Currently it works only on Version 1.03


This section contains documentaries on various battles. There is a slideshow with commentary provided by members of the ACWGC.

Map Editor for Corinth

This Editor for Map files to be used with the Corinth 1.01b engine.