Tactics for HPS Games

These articles will give you information and tactics for properly handling your units in the HPS ACW Campaign games.

Fire Combat - Infantry

To understand the Fire Combat system you must have a good grasp of how the game calculates the number of casualties that will be generated by one unit's fire on another.

Melee Combat

Discusses how the melee system works and the most important rule of thumb: It takes 2:1 odds to achieve an even chance (50:50) of victory.

Artillery - New Rules

The new releases of HPS games now include new Artillery options for capture. This article discusses how they work and some of the implications of the rules.


HPS games require the player to make a carefull reconnaissance of the enemy wither due to the lack of knowledge of reinforcement arrivals and/or the size of the maps. Particularly in CG I have observed very poor use of reconnaissance by my opponents.

HPS Differences from Battleground Series

This is a summary of the main differences you will find between playing HPS games, particularly Campaign Gettysburg, and the older Battleground games.

Entry Hex Route Radius

Procedure for determining the Route Radius for reinforcement entry hexes in HPS scenarios.

Gettysburg Campaign Parameter Data

This is a break down of the parameter file used by most of the scenarios in the game of Gettysburg Campaign. Knowing these values and how they affect the game will allow you to fine tune your tactics.