Class 301:  Sending Gaming Files

If you have Windows XP or 2003 see tutorial below.

If you have WinZip or PKZip see links below Windows tutorial.


Windows XP & 2003

Need some extra space to install a new program or want to shrink your large image files? Don't worry, Windows XP and Windows 2003 come to the rescue. Both Windows XP Professional and Home Edition (and Win 2003 Server) now include a zip compression utility (similar to WinZip) that you can use to compress files and folders on your hard disk. To compress a file or folder:

Method A:  Right–click the file or folder & Point to Send To.

This will make a compressed folder, identified by a zipper icon, which displays the same name as the file you compressed:

Method B:  You can make a compressed folder from scratch, by following these steps:

Right–click the desktop.
Point to New.
Click Compressed (zipped) Folder.

Open the new compressed folder and drag files inside that you would like compressed.

Method C:  You can also send your files by repeating the procedure in Method A only this time select Mail Recipient in stead of Compressed (zipped) Folder.  Zipping files use to be a must before the newer micro chips with plenty of memory.



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