Class 101: Game Versions


Gaming Titles

All of the Faculty (Instructor/trainers) here at VMI are now using the latest versions of all the gaming titles that we support here in the Club as do all of our Club members. 

You cannot play PBEM (Play By E-Mail) games unless both parties are using the same version.
So, how do I make sure that I'm using the latest versions?
First of all if you are playing with games "straight out of the box" then you DO NOT have the latest version. Many updates/fixes have occurred since the CD that came with your game was produced. You can also look by simply loading any scenario in any game. Once you have started a scenario just click on the Help button up on your Menu bar. Then click About in the dropdown. You will now see the version number for your game. If you are using the TalonSoft BattleGround games the version number starts with a "1" then you have the original 16-bit version of the game. If it starts with the number "2" then "John Tiller's" 32-bit version of the game has been added. (Chickamauga is the only exception-see below)
Latest Version Numbers

The latest version numbers for the American Civil War BattleGround Series games are:


"Talon Soft" 16-bit Versions

"Tiller's" 32-bit Versions

     Gettysburg Ver 1.34   (02/98) Ver 2.07
     Shiloh Ver 1.12   (02/98) Ver 2.04
     Antietam Ver 1.12   (04/98) Ver 2.02
     Bull Run Ver 1.02   (02/98) Ver 2.02
     Chickamauga (N/A 32-Bit ONLY) Ver 1.00
     Matrix Version Patch link Ver 1.02

The latest version numbers for the HPS American Civil War Campaign Series games are:




    Campaign Antietam       25 Jan 10        v 1.02
    Campaign Atlanta      24 Apr 11         v 1.04

 Campaign Chancellorsville

     19 May 11         v 1.02
    Campaign Chickamauga      01 May 11       v 1.04
    Campaign Corinth       15 Feb 11       v 1.10
    Campaign Gettysburg       17 Mar 11       v 1.05
    Campaign Franklin      02 Mar 11        v 1.09
    Campaign Overland     22 Jul 13      v 1.01
    Campaign Ozark      22 Feb11       v 1.09
    Campaign Peninsula      24 Mar 11       v 1.06
    Campaign Shiloh       03 Apr 11       v 1.07
    Campaign Vicksburg      11 Apr11       v 1.03a

                                      Patches Courtesy of  John Tiller Software

The latest version numbers for the other games are:

Game: Date


     Forge of Freedom 16 Apr 2009 V.1.12.2
     AGEOD - ACW 22 Nov2012 Ver 1.17a
     Grigsby's WBTS 23 Apr 2009 V1.040

TalonSoft BattleGround Series

Where to get free patches for the 16 & 32-bit versions of the TalonSoft BattleGround games?

Please DO NOT go to the TalonSoft Update page to download 16-bit patches for your Battleground Series games. They have replaced all of their patches with ones that will not work with John Tiller's 32-bit Upgrade. Before you can upgrade to the 32-bit versions you must first install the latest 16-bit version. You may download the correct 16-bit patches from the table below:

16-bit Versions

16-bit Versions (UK)

     Gettysburg V. 1.34 V. 1.34UK
     Shiloh V. 1.12 V. 1.12UK
     Antietam V. 1.12 V. 1.12UK
     Bull Run V. 1.02 V. 1.02UK

Please use this link for the above patches:   ACW Cartography Office


All players in this club are now using the 32-bit versions of the Battleground Series games (not the Matrix version, they are already in the 32-bit version). These upgrades are not supported by TalonSoft. You may download the correct 32-bit upgrades from the table below:

               32-bit Upgrade

     Gettysburg                V. 2.07
     Shiloh               V. 2.04
     Antietam               V. 2.02
     Bull Run               V. 2.02

Patch Courtesy ACWCO: ACW Cartography Office

Can Chickamauga run on XP or Windows 2000?

The answer is yes!  To run Battleground Chickamauga on Windows 2000 or XP you can download the following patch:

2000/XP Patch



Patch Courtesy ACWCO: ACW Cartography Office

VISTA & Windows 7 Users!

All users of Vista & Windows 7 should visit this link from HPS:  VISTA & Windows 7.


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